My Mother Would Kill Me If I Get A Tattoo – Singer Adokiye

Adokiye Khiran is a singer and United Nations Peace Ambassador. She talks fashion with Ademola Olonilua:A dress you wore for a recent event was a replica of what American singer, Jenifer Lopez, wore for the Grammy Award. How did you get that outfit?

It is a KDK London dress. My stylist made sure everything was okay. The dress, Neon Christian Louboutin shoes, clutch purse and the accessories were all put together in and delivered from London Town.

It caused a lot of buzz on the internet with foreign blogs also commenting on the dress. Did you foresee this kind of hype?

You are just telling me, foreign blogs too? Wow! Thanks to my lovely stylist, IB Miss Laverite. I actually loved it on JLo and thought I would look great in it. Actually, it took a lot to put everything in place and getting it to me.

How is it being a United Nations Peace Ambassador?

Professionally, I am an architect. At the of 15, I gained admission into a Catholic private university, owned by
Very Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Edeh, where I bagged a degree in Architecture which is a field a lot of females dread. I’m engaged in a lot of charity works and humanitarian services in Nigeria and the Diaspora. I’m an advocate of culture and the era of going green. I enjoy empowering the less privileged from all walks of life. I’ve been doing this since the day I learnt how to spell my name and it started from the church through the platform of Legion of Mary. As young as I was, I knew how important it was to abide by the Corporal Works of Mercy; to visit the sick and inmates, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, provide shelter for the homeless and bury the dead. I went from house to house from the age of six till I gained admission in the university. We travelled to villages, prepared camps; we had week long projects just to teach people what they needed to know. I went to hospitals and went to funerals even though I didn’t know who they were.

What is that fashion item you admire on a guy?
Wrist watches, maybe.

What’s your favourite hairstyle?

Punk, Mohawk, I guess maybe because that’s what I’m wearing.

How much does it cost you to make your hair and how long does it take?

Well, I spend about N30,000 or thereabout. It’s a long process that involves cutting, trimming, brushing, tinting and setting.

How often do you visit a salon?

A few days intermittently or a week. It depends on how soon I need a new touch.

How much can you be offered to go bald?

I’d need to discuss with my manager about that, just to re- confirm but we expect a lot for that anyway.

Do you prefer looking natural or you feel incomplete without make-up on?

Yes, I actually adore moments I stay natural and I really do look very pretty without make-up-on, it feels so good.

How do you come up with the ideas for your costumes during your stage performances?

Theoretically, there are some important things to consider in picking out costumes, like the kind of crowd, its theme, the message and of course, the songs too.

Can you estimate how much you have spent on shopping this year or the last quarter of this year?

Not really, but I think a lot of dollars have gone down.

What is your take on tattoos?

Tattoos? I’m not a fan. I mean I don’t judge people with tattoos; I have a lot of friends with tattoos. I don’t have any. Sincerely, I don’t see myself getting any tattoo ever. That’s the gospel truth. My mummy would literally kill me. I can vividly remember the last time I was in London; I tried to play my mummy, I called my mummy while she was in Nigeria and said, ‘Mummy, I’m in a tattoo shop in London, let me have just one tattoo please.’ She screamed at the top of her voice and ordered me to disappear from the shop at once. So you see, I just can’t have a tattoo.

Do you patronise Nigerian designers?

Oh yes, why not? Our Nigerian designers are really doing so well now. God bless them all.

What influences your fashion statement?

My mood, basically. I can go really loud and decide another time to tone it down. So it all depends.

Is there any fashion item you can’t leave home without?

Oh yes, please, a pair of glasses. I can’t because I have to protect my eyes from hash weather and maybe wink at someone when the person is not noticing.

What is your fashion weakness?

Good perfumes.

How many bottles do you own?

I actually have about 39 bottles of perfumes currently and still have some more to add. Please don’t judge me, it’s not my fault. These people keep making new ones daily and I’m a huge perfume freak.

What is your take on skimpy and revealing clothes?

I think whatever anyone feels comfortable in is okay. It all depends, the way you can’t wear a jalabia to a swimming pool is the same way you can’t wear a bum short to the church.

So far, how has your sojourn into the music industry been?

I started briefly from church choir at the age of 12. During my college days, I was a member of a minor musical group called The Mase comprising four young talents. I was the only girl just as I was the only female in my entire faculty in the university. I graduated as the only female from the Department of Architecture. Anyway, my exploits with the group contributed a lot. We went on together for some time and at some point, I had to handle one business at a time. I had to pick education as a priority because my profession as an aspiring architect became very demanding. I figured a sound and thorough education would do more good than harm. In the long run, I had to do that which I have always wanted and have passion for and that’s getting into the world of showbiz. God has been faithful, it would be pertinent to point out that the journey has been amazing so far, I have had challenges but amidst everything, I stayed focused. Life is about handling challenges and stay winning. The sterling tact, vibrancy and dynamism I bring to bear in the formation of my goal, dream is what stand me out as a pragmatic and inspiring leader with novel, sustainable and ground breaking development programmes that are not only positively going to impact on the people around me but have personified me as a purposeful and focused young lady.

What do you do to maintain your voice?

I do my normal routine, voice training exercise and I watch the things I eat.

How is your typical month like?

It’s not been easy but we thank God. I can’t complain.

Have you considered venturing into other aspects of entertainment?

I have actually considered a lot of other things. I’d rather wait and let you see for yourself, just give it a few weeks.


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