My New Boss Is My Wife’s Ex She Dumped For Me..What Should I Do?

I’m confused and worried, I just found out that my new boss is the man my wife dumped a few years ago to marry me.


Apparently the man was planning to marry her and even saw her through her university days financially and also supported her family.

My wife and I met during our NYSC, fell in love and got married shortly after. My wife found a way of breaking up with her ex (my new boss).

Now 4 years into our marriage, there’s a big issue. I just got this really good job and my direct boss happens to be the man my wife dumped for me.

Unfortunately he knows who I am because he confronted me back when my wife left him for me, but since I started this job, he hasn’t said anything to me but I noticed he excludes me from most of the activities that concern staff and I suspect he’s trying to sabotage me.

He hasn’t done anything yet, I’m just worried that he has bad plans for me. Should I quit or should I wait to see what he’s up to? I don’t look forward to going to work at all.


  1. what we will say about the thing call love at times we guys cause problem ourselves by taking advantage of our youthful age.

    You should put yourself in your boss shoes back in the days how will you feel and we let this so called love thing that reduce man to no level to detoraite and ruin a man. He invested on her and her family may be he is too old or educationally not up to,but your wify accepts all the offer uptill graduation.
    If it happens to your own daugther now how will you both react ?
    See bbibles says what ever belongs to you shall never be taking away from you. God did this as an example for you to learn because you met someone in Nysc from there to marriage and ur so called wife did not remember the good and blessing he got frrom the man only to turn him down cos of a young man she felt she fall in love.

    Face it and be prayerful he did not kill you,so u need to run for your head cos he is a big short they can do and undo

  2. My advise for you is that if this your boss didn’t have it in mind to terminate ur appointment,soo you have no reason why u should quit the job by urseif and make sure you perfect anytin u order to do in the office,the reason why I say soo is that its becuz you’re performing ur duties and ur responsibility at home that make’s u feel dt such wife really love u,if u loose ur job now no matter how u want to do it,dt ur boss we use everytin to eunties ur wife b4 they are 1 b4,2condly, u need to find out everytin frm ur wife,ask her that did she knw so so so person,what’s her feeling to ur boss,finally go and meet ur boss and explaine everytin to him soo to knw the type of wife you’re deal with.

  3. Pray to God to help u out,commit ur boss’s heart into God’s hands & later talk to ur boss & ask for his 4givness.Pls always do ur best @ work & be humble.May God help u in jesus name.

  4. gud day ,i dont c d reason y u shd quit or run away. wot if u ar quotn hm wrong bcus of hs actns? well i feel he z feeln inferior to u dats y he z avoidn u, soo i tink u shd jst remain do ur duties make sure he does nt c anytin to hold as a reason to terminate ur job.also put hm into prayers let God take charge kkkkk.Dont fear gooooood luck.

  5. My dear no need to terminate ur job ok,see some one may do everything 4u may be u people are not ment to be it may be a way God wants to bless & raise u through that person.if u see the whole story this man is a savior to u & ur wife believ it or not he train ur wife now he is ur boss tink abt it.the thing u wil do is this do ur work & give the best try to go closer to him to no his reaction over u.becareful & pray but the mistake u wil do is to quit the job God knows y he put u their.try to be friendly to him to an extent then disscus the issue wit him,dnt bleam anybody in his present let him no is how God want it to be & u people should let the past b the past lets work for the future Go with ur wife.dnt be afraid notin wil hapen to God is with


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