“My Political Travails Have Been Foretold, I’ll Still Be Governor Till 2015″ – Amaechi

Amaechi-360x2251Embattled governor of Rivers State, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has disclosed that all the troubles confronting his administration had been foretold but assured that in the end, he would triumph over his perceived adversaries.

He was speaking at the Night of Glory Praise and Worship Session, held at the Alfred-Diette Spiff Civic Centre Complex, Port Harcourt, the state capital.

Gov. Amaechi went down memory lane in the travails and persecution he has suffered with his wife – Judith – all through his political life and affirmed that God had assured his family that nothing would cut short his tenure until 2015 when it would have elapsed.

“If you recall my political history, beginning from the time I was Speaker of the House till date, it has not been easy with us. We have always confronted God in prayers. History has it that, we are the only couple that became Governor without election and God has assured us that he will lead us up to 2015.

“I am neither a prophet nor a pastor, I am just a child of God and very soon, I will go back to God in prayers and surrender myself to God”, Amaechi explained.

The Rivers governor, who is facing threat of impeachment from six out of 31 lawmakers in the State House of Assembly, said: “I thank God that we are all here. There are so many actions that I have taken that I could not account for, and a man of God had told me that a period like this will come, when nearly all my supporters will leave me behind, and that it will be so tough, looking as if God has deserted me, but at the end of the day, we shall triumph.

“It didn’t quite make sense to me as Governor, until when the battle started, it now occurred to me that a man of God had prophesied to me earlier”, Amaechi said.

He, however, called on his supporters not to be deterred by unfolding events, adding that his position has been ordained by God, and no man can remove him from office till the end of his tenure.


All Progressive Grand Alliance, Victor Umeh,


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