Obasanjo Challenge: As A Serving Soldier, Al-Mustapha’s Talking Too Much, Says Tsav

HamzaAl-MustaphaAndObasanjoA former Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Abubakar Tsav, yesterday berated Major Hamza Al-Mustapha for challenging former president Olusegun Obasanjo to a debate over his recent open letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, saying the former Chief Security Officer to late Head of State, General Sani Abacha was forgetting he is still a serving soldier and must abide by military discipline.

Tsav, who was reacting yesterday to Al-Mustapha’s challenge, said that he was taking issues too far and accused him of working for President Jonathan’s political interest in 2015 in violation of his professional ethics to avoid partisan politics as a soldier.

“I think Major Al-Mustapha is talking too much, forgetting he is still a soldier and must abide by military discipline. Even in retirement, a major must respect a retired general. In other countries, Al-Mustapha would have been taken for a security risk. If it is true that Al-Mustapha knows the security of this country so well, and more than anyone else, then it could be true that President Jonathan wants to take advantage of him and re-strategize.

“Al-Mustapha’s romance with Asari Dokubo, who is an arch supporter of Jonathan, could buttress this. If this is the case, then Obasanjo is not wrong in his allegations as contained in his letter which Al-Mustapha and Jonathan do not like. The directive by the presidency that the National Human Rights Commission should investigate these allegations is a diversion and will achieve nothing”, Tsav said.


  1. Abubakar Tsav is talking sence. Nigerian,please take note and keep watching. Why must president GEJ still retain Al Mustapha inside Our Army after all what he has committed in the past. I didn’t blame Jonathan because he’s not participate in the struggle that gave him presidency.

  2. Abubakar Tsav is talking sence here. Nigerian,Please take note and keep watching. Why must president GEJ still retain Al Mustapha inside Our great Army,uf not for mission after all what he has committed in the past during Abacha era.Anyway I didn’t blame Jonathan because he doesn’t participate in the struggle that gave him opportunity to become president.

  3. Like at this fool called former commissioner, are you sacred 2 die 2?…al-mustahpa suld b taken 2 security risk you said, and your boss OBJ 2 a remind home what do you think?…I guess your talkin position and ranks rite…did OBJ watch B4 steping on Goodluck’s toes,d serving president of our great nation..can’t you see how sensless you…common sense is not commom I see…please let al-mustapha express his view mr commissioner, this democracy…partisan politics in military is flexible in sum part of the world….seek for more knowledge mr commissioner…we young nigerian are tires of your type and your fellow galaditors.

  4. Al-Mustapha is taking too much for granted, a soldier with brain-if he had any-and with his fiendish record should get himself retired from the military, go back to his village and hide his head in a farm.

  5. Mr former commissioner you are talking nonsense… Mustapha is right to defend himself in any allegation leveled against him … this is democracy… if Mustapha do not respond to Obj… it means the end of democracy. i expects Obj to honor his invitation to debate, if he’s a true Nigerian, so that Nigerians we know better. this is a proper judgement on how issues are handled in advanced world. Even Oga Jona and Obj should also subject themselves to debate…
    Am not a friend to Mustapha… but i admire his inspiration on how issues should be handled.

  6. This Tsav is always talking nonsense. After collecting egunje for so many years,he should go and hide his head in his corruptedly acquired mansion instead of coming here to rant and rave, Mustapha has every right to support whoever he wants to support. Being a military man does not remove from the fact that the man is also a full blooded nigerian who cares about what is going on in this country.

  7. Thanks for the freedom of speech in democrazy. The Nigerian youth can never be deceived any more. We were all witness to Oputah Panel, and we saw the reality about Major Hamza Al-Mustapha. Up till date Nigerians are requesting the documentary to be put on sale for the public. WHERE IS IT????!!!!??? We want it, to keep for our children unborn to watch. THOSE who emptied the granary and had skeleton in their cardboard wanted to silence Al-Mustapha. The only way to hang a dog, is to give it a bad name. After winning from Oputah Panel, the only way available to hang Al-Mustapha was to charge him for murder of popular figures that will gain the support of more Nigerians, such as KUDIRAT OF HER BLESSED MEMORY and an alleged attempt on ELDER ALEX IBRU. Fortunately, God, in His infinite Mercy, did not want to deceive Nigeria and Nigerians. During the Panel procedure, Al-Mustapha gave some clues on how Abiola was murdered, why was it ignored?????? Where are those millions of dollars and pounds handed over by Al-MUSTAPHA????? Some privileged Leaders think Nigerian youth are fools, and that is why they keep Education under-developed. Fellow patriot, just wait,
    the truth will soon prevail by God Grace.

  8. Al Mustapha, just like every Nigerian is entitled to his opinion be it in form of defending allegations from any quarter or commenting on all issues. E.O.D

  9. Tsav is only advicing Al mustapha the soldier turned terrorist.Asari was trained along side with Almustapha the moderer.He’s not and will never be a Gen.in the Nigerian Army.OBJ is too big a Gen to sit with him in a debate with a Major.Let him go to the forest and join his boko haram members.For Asari who couldnt build a university in bayelsa so that his rebels but built one of the best in Cotonou.We are watching them with GEJ.

  10. @Kayode Opadokun you sound more like you are in ur late 80ths,its clear the youths are taken over,if Obj is too big to be a Nigerian,let me remind you OBJ is the bigest thief Nigerians ever had,GEJ 3yr is better then OBJ 8yr in power,please Kayode try talking sense,when you talk in public,OBJ wants to change our president when he could not deliver Ogun state to PDP,he’s (obj) should forget about Nigria politics because he has nothing to offer……GOD please Bless (young and good Nigeria ppl) one love


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