Obasanjo’s Letter: Nigeria’s Falling Under Jonathan – Balarabe Musa

OBJ's letterAs Nigerians continue to react to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, former governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa has accused the former president of contributing to the problems he highlighted in his 18-page letter which was made public last Wednesday.

Musa also noted that the country is ‘sick’ under President Jonathan because he does not have the faintest idea on what governance entails.

Speaking at the weekend in Kaduna, Musa said, “Having looked at the whole issues raised by Obasanjo, I found it hard to dismiss those allegations. The country in the real sense is dwindling under Jonathan.

“Many Nigerians should know that Obasanjo knows Jonathan more than them. He deliberately put him in power. It will be unfair to think that he doesn’t know what he was saying. Let us give him that benefit of the doubt even though he is not a character that should be listened to on critical issues.”

“However, the current government was midwife by him, therefore, people should consider his submissions.

“He has openly said what he knew and that represents the true identity of Jonathan, giving his own perception. I am confident of that. The country is sick under Jonathan”, he added.

Speaking further, the elder statesman noted that, “What is playing out now is a bad omen. Certainly, Jonathan lacks the capacity to handle this economy. He cannot fight corruption, rather he is compounding it. Obasanjo is in the best position to assess him as his godfather, who planted him in power.

“From the socio-economic point of view, the nation is falling under him (Jonathan) because he has no clue as to what governance is all about. Therefore, Obasanjo knows what he was saying and Nigerians should not disparage him on those serious issues he raised”, he asserted.


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