OBJ’s Letter To Jonathan Part Of Growth Process, Says Jang-Led NGF

JANGs-NGFThe faction of Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF, chaired by Plateau State Governor, Jonah Jang on Monday described the 18- page letter written by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to President Goodluck Jonathan as part of the growth process as a nation as well as integral to any democratic society.

In a statement signed by Kassim Yakubu from the media office of the Forum in Abuja, the Jang-led NGF noted that it was committed to the success of democratic rule in Nigeria and that democracy remains the most viable form of government for the development of Nigeria.

According to Jang, “A look at the progress made in the states within a little over a decade of democratic rule cannot compare to the many decades of other forms of governments of the past”, adding that “the success of democratic rule is made possible by the participatory nature of the system of government which he says is presently working for Nigeria.

“As our democracy grows, it is our belief that more and more quality candidates will continue to emerge and this will translate to better governance on behalf of the people”.

Calling on Nigerians to continue to participate in the democratic process as there was no other form of government that can guarantee the level of choice and participation that comes with democracy, Jang urged Nigerians to see the recent surge in political activities as integral to any democratic society.

He added, “There will always be both positive and negative issues thrown out there just as we are experiencing now with those heating up the polity unnecessarily. Nigerians should however remain steadfast in their confidence in democracy and see all these as part of the growth process as a nation”.



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