Oshiomhole’s Response To Public Outcry On Widow’s Case Statesmanly, Says Obahiagbon

widow-oshiomholeFormer House of Representatives member now Chief of Staff to Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, Mr. Patrick Obahiagbon, yesterday reviewed the now-rested incident between the governor and a widow, Mrs Joy Ifijeh, and came to the conclusion that it projected the governor as a statesman.

According to Mr Obahiagbon, Governor Oshiomhole handled the matter as a true leader.

The one time federal legislator also said his political ambition would be determined by what the governor wants.

On the widow’s matter, he said: “It has brought to the fore the indubitable and irrefragable fact that the comrade governor is quite sensitive to public opinion and responsive to the whirligig of societal dialectics. Certainly nobody has faulted the fact that the widow in question was in clear breach and consequently ran foul of extant laws. Nobody has faulted the fact that the comrade governor is deservable of eulogisation and even panegyrics for leaving the comfort of his office to supervise the adherence of environmental laws, which in itself showcases him as a governor that strips himself of Olympian aloofness to governance issues no matter how routine they may be.

“The only sore point in that concatenation of events was the manner of the ventilation of his righteous indignation for which he has since robustly rose to the occasion as a statesman that he is by apologising to the lady, releasing her confiscated goods to her, offering her employment and empowering her financially to grow her business. That for me is what leadership is all about. The ability for a leader to say I am sorry for an act of omission or commission in deference to societal expectations is the fundamental and diaphanous difference between a politician and a statesman. So for me, that incident has stood him out as a statesman than a politician”.

Very famous for his use of jaw-breaking grammar, Obahiagbon said of his political future: “Let me quickly say that electoral ambition for me is too early just now. I am enjoying and savouring my duties as chief of staff to the comrade governor that I have not even given the idea of the next elections as it affects my person any thought. But even more fundamental is the fact that I cannot have any electoral ambition that is not authorized by my principal. That is my own understanding of loyalty.

“One step at a time my brother. I am a robot in the hands of God”.

He added: “The people are still driving and leading the process of continuously transmogrifying Edo State into a manageable and salubrious whole where man’s happiness shall be optimised.

“The gains of the last four years are vigorously consolidated upon. New projects are sprouting up across the three senatorial districts by the day”, he stated.


  • Hmmmmm, Hon. Obahiagbon, a man gifted with use of words! He’s very good at confusing his listeners with his jaw breaking words. I realized that he intentionally uses high sounding words just to catch his fun. He is a very amiable and easy going man.

  • Ah,Hon. Patrick Obhiagbon again.I wonder why Gov.Adams choose him as his CSO,probably to prevent people from meeting him,i guess.

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