Oshiomole Involved In Auto Crash

The convoy of the Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, was today (Saturday) involved in an accident at Ewu village, Auchi-Benin Road in Edo State on his way back to Benin City from his Iyamho Village.

According to reports, a vehicle carrying tomatoes and plantain had while overtaking a trailer lost control and ran into the governor’s BMW car which crashed into a ditch.

Three vehicles in the Governor’s convoy were in front of the Governor’s Flag Car and had passed the vehicle carrying tomatoes before the vehicle had direct impact with the Governor’s car, which had the Governor, his Aide-De-Camp [ADC] and his Driver as occupants. The Governor’s Car was badly affected but both occupants of the vehicle and the Governor’s car sustained no injuries.

Oshiomole, his ADC and other occupants of the vehicle carrying tomatoes are all in good condition.

According to a statement signed by his Special Adviser, Media&Public Affairs, “the incident has been reported to the Divisional Police Station at Ewu for further investigation.

“This is to assure all good people of Edo State that there is no cause for alarm. Their loving Comrade Governor is fine, hale and hearty as well as other occupants of the other affected vehicle. The Comrade Governor is wishing everyone a prosperous new year ahead”.

Oshiomole escaped death by the whiskers on April 29, 2012 when his convoy collided with an oncoming lorry.


  1. I strongly believe it was natural for it to happen and your life safe because your time is yet to come. Never believe anyone who come before you that it was politically motivated. there is nothing political about the accident. Thank God you are Alive

  2. God is in control, My good God who has been saving and securing you from the very first day in office will continue to guide and protect you from every impending dangers. Happy new year in Advance

  3. Thank God is not more dan this, our God never sleep nor slumber.he knws our beginning an laso knws our end. D figure of men will nt b find in ur life in jesus name Amen!

  4. We tank GOD 4 his lyf,no mata hw hard d enemy try 2 bring him down dey wil neva succeed.hapi new year my comrade gov.

  5. I dnt wish u death.. May God preserv ur lif.. But u ppl sayin dis man is the d best gov are u sure u r in edo state! Or u r sayin wot u read onlin.. Dis man is teribl.. Lik oda governors he is showing his real color in dis secnd tenure.. He tried in d first bt now! Hmmmm.. Sacking more dan 3000 scu teachers witot december salary wen sculs even v no teachers is a shame of a so caled comrade governor.. I’m so disapointed..

  6. Greastest u α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ jst a coward,,,why will u say such,,,do u no y he sacked dose teachers? No,guess U̶̲̥̅̊r mum is among! Were u aware He went τ̲̅ȍ a skool n found out D̶̲̥̅̊A̶̲̥̅τ̲̅ sm teachers don’t no d meaning of working hours?u just open U̶̲̥̅̊r big mouth n talk rubbish

  7. U guyz here are not worth talking to, I mean d pple praiseing oshomole, u guyz are sick, oshomole’s Goverment is the worst goverment in NIGERIA, I believes he is in the same Goverment where some governors like that of kano state that takes more than 1500 student to many part of the world for masters. Or pple is it d youths he took for training in diffrent proffessions like marrines, pilot n others,all in GOVERMENT FUNDs. He all constructed roads and more NEW schools n NEW hospitals, all we have here is abadoned project ‘central hospital’.

  8. Oh my God. Papa osh it is well with u. God is always with u in all u do he loves u n he will always keep u close to him side ok. Let the blessing of God be in ur life

  9. Oshiomole d best governor Edo State ever have almighty Allah will continue to guide u where ever u are and u will be the president of Nigeria in future Amen.


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