Party Behaviour: How NOT to Attend a Party

party behaviourHere are some helpful tips for you to avoid the dire and painful outcome of being the “Out of wits party entertainment.”

Avoiding alcohol and being of “sound mind” is the best advice I can give, preferably stick to non- alcoholic choices.  But if you are alcohol inclined then before you go out, you should have at least something in your stomach. It doesn’t exactly have to be a heavy meal but a simple snack will do. By this, you could have all the freedom to refuse every delicacy that is offered at the party if you happen to be on a diet program. This will help you as well as reducing the chances of indigestion as a result of mixed up intakes at the party and you will be able to tolerate any alcohol consumption better.

It is imperative that you know what function you are attending and not just attend a party because you have given to pressure. You ought to put premium on the invitations and RSVP’s you’ll make, for it measures the kind of person you ought to be.  Self-awareness and restraint should be ensured that any intent of hurting somebody in the crowd could be avoided. It is also wise to put a time discipline when you are partying. You don’t have to open and end the party just so people will say that you are a good friend. Many party goers have been led to believe that taking it all the way and partying till the end of dawn is the best way, yet it just result on physical exhaustion that could even be  very fatal.

Responsibility is a ripened virtue you need to wear in the party. Even if you are going alone, you need to have the conscious thought of behaving properly for the sake of harmony and fun. There are people who go beyond their natural self because alcohol intake altered their walk and manners. Don’t be named as one of those who couldn’t tolerate their alcohol yet tries to make a fool of them by pretending they can drink a lot.

Finally, this is essential to apply for safety and precautions do not drink and drive. Car accidents cause abrupt changes in the lives and future of innocent people are all because of drunk drivers.  Always remember that it is not only your life that you put in jeopardy but also the people who you encounter on the road. Driving under the influence of intoxication is a serious road worthiness breach, you could be put in jail because of this and you will forever regret ending someone’s life and dreams just because of your action.

It really makes sense to heed. Hope this find you well and helpful. A word is enough for the wise!


Lola Alli


Director of a Finishing School in Lagos


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