PHOTOS: You’ll Not Believe What President Barrack Obama, UK Prime Minister Were Doing At Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service

Photos of United State president, Barack Obama, UK Prime Minister, David Cameroon and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt posing for a ‘selfie’ has gone viral on the internet.


They have faced serious backlash from people since these photos of them taking a ‘selfie’ at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in Johannesburg was released yesterday.

People online are accusing them of undermining the seriousness of the event by smiling and taking photos on their mobile phones.

The US president and the Danish leader were photographed laughing and chatting during the ceremony, while the First Lady of the United states of America, Michelle Obama was looking unimpressed and did not seem to be amused rather she appeared like she was scowling at her grinning husband.





  1. Mandela is a hero for the record am still speaking about him in present tense cos wat defines a man are his legacies all those there cant change anything about wat he did for mankind,they all went there to waste tax payers money needed to develop there countries the only respect one can give to a man is by imbibing his positive attributes and accentuating them rather than jumping all over the place when the person is presumably no more physically but his works lives for eternity so pple suld stop been hypocritical by expecting them all to wear sad faces and cry false tears for am very sure madiba himself will not encourage such,so we should all pray and try to have at least 10% of the mans attributes.

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  3. some seriousness in participation should have been shown, that proves more respect, why did michell obama screw up with their activities if what they where doing was right?

    there is time for every thing, we are talking about the world leader here. those photo made some irresponsible remark on their person.

    i begin to look obama as a play guy. not the way i think he should be that he is. i saw there.