PREDICTION: PDP Will Lose More Governors, Lawmakers Before 2015

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is likely to lose more state governors, and members of the National Assembly, Secretary to the Edo State Government (SSG), Professor Julius Ihonvbere, has predicted.


He spoke on Monday when he received a delegation of ‘Edo in Safe Hands’ at the Government House.

According to him, the PDP was promoting corruption with impunity and gross dictatorship, which posed threat to its existence and unity.

His words: “Let me say that we have a lot of work to do in the country in the coming year and we thank God that our party is now majority in the House of Representatives; we will soon be majority in the Senate if we work hard and if this character of impunity and dictatorship continues.

If somebody told me we will have this number of governors and this number of states as APC states, I will ask the person, ‘Which crystal ball did you look at?’

But politics in Nigeria works in different ways, and if the Federal Government and the PDP people continue to behave the way they are behaving, it is very clear they will lose more governors, Senators, House of Representatives members and people to the APC.

When you visit pain, violence, indiscipline, arrogance of power, corruption, gross dictatorship, and violation of the constitution, it gets to a point when the people will stop and reflect and decide to take another part.

I think that part which our people have decided to take is the APC and we pray to God to give us the ability, energy, vision, commitment, the right leader to manage this process of progress of our people.

What is going on now in the nation is giving all of us serious concern; whether 2015 will come at all or what will now happen.

Whether you look at the House of Representatives that have just indicted the Minister of Aviation, whether you look at the missing $50 billion or previous criminal irresponsible and unpardonable looting from Siemens to Halliburton to the housing scam, or the $50 billion they want to use to buy telephones for farmers and I have not seen one phone in the hand of a farmer that came from the Federal Government.

I want to thank everyone for the support to the Comrade Governor. He deserves our prayers and encouragement. He is a leader who has that courage to stand out and say follow me and he is able to combine in him, several qualities of integrity, credibility, ability to listen to people and respond accordingly.

The World Bank said that one of the problems of leadership in Nigeria is the very low capacity for visioning. So, when you find somebody like the Comrade Governor whose capacity for visioning is over a 100 percent and he is not afraid to take hard decisions then, we who are his foot-soldiers must all sit up and continue to work very hard”.

In his address, leader of the delegation, Washington Osa-Osifo, said “It was not possible that young men of our age be given positions in government but the Comrade Governor has rubbished all that by this perfect combination of young and highly knowledgeable elderly ones believing the least of us has something to contribute and that is what is moving the state forward. We thank the Comrade Governor for that.

We found you worthy in your capacity to say you are a man that has given so much and still has something to give.

A friend of progress is our friend and we will do everything possible to support that.

Those things that made the Comrade Governor to look for best brains and best hearts must be supported and appreciated; you are one of those brains and hearts”, he said.

Source: Daily Post