President Goodluck Jonathan Involved In Food Poisoning Trial

The 2012 food poisoning trial involving Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, his delegation and Gambia’s five-star hotel Coco Ocean has been adjourned to Tuesday, December 24.

goodluck_jonathan_medical_checkupIt will be recalled that, during his two-day state visit in Gambia last November, Jonathan was allegedly served with food that had been preserved for a long period. This caused food poisoning.

Ayoub Aliris, chef of the hotel, allegedly unlawfully or negligently cooked prawns served to President Jonathan and his entourage as a starter during a special lunch hosted in honor of the visiting Nigerian head of state.

On Thursday, December 19, the chief of Coco Ocean was charged in the Kanifing court with negligence and poisoning the Nigerian President as well as his delegation. Aliris denied the charges.

President Jonathan, who celebrated his 56th birthday a little over a month ago, then suffered from a “stomach upset” and was forced to enter a hospital in London to seek medical attention.

A prosecution witness, Babucarr Gomez, also a cook at Coco Ocean, explained that a day after the lunch he received a call from his boss informing him that there was an infection in the food served to the Nigerians. Gomez, who said he was ordered by Aliris to prepare the food, said he also ate it and experienced “vomiting, stomach ache and frequented the toilet.”

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