Prophecies For 2014: “Patience Jonathan May Die” – Primate Ayodele


Prophet Babatunde Ayodele, Founder/Spiritual Head of Inri Evangelical Church, Lagos, has over the years warned the country of looming dangers, mostly unheeded. Warnings came before the airplane mishap that involved Sosoliso and Bellview Airlines in 2005, but were unheeded. The cleric has again spoken of things to come in the new year as 2013 winds down, emphasising the need for fervent prayers to avert evil, especially in the first family, as he says President Jonathan has to be prayerful so that he would not lose his wife.

“Concerning the year 2014, I will advise every Nigerian to take time and be prayerful for the country and for themselves from the 1st to 3rd of January, 2014. This is for God to prevent imminent dangers ahead of the nation and economy. Let us take it from here. I don’t see anything happening in the Nigerian economy. I see debts everywhere- our crude oil, foreign reserve, and all.

“States will be in debt, the Federal Government will be in debt and Nigeria will be planning to go borrow money. So, the government has to be very careful not to be grinded by these debts. Prices of food will increase drastically and flour will be scarce and very expensive. Corruption too will be more prevalent because this government lacks the power to fight it. Fighting oil theft will also pose a major challenge and Nigeria will beg America to support her in the fight. The price of petroleum will increase as well.

Primate Babatunde Ayodele
Primate Babatunde Ayodele

“There will be too much of troubles concerning kerosene. Sea pirates will dominate the waterways and the African Union, AU, will form a common security to monitor our seaways. Various organisations such as the Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria, PENGASSAN, and The National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers, NUPENG, will be embarking on industrial action almost at the same time. Again, power supply will be unstable until 2015, 2016. I also see ocean surge in Lagos. Sponsors of Boko Haram will be exposed as well. Very importantly, let us be very watchful so we don’t have any border crisis.

“Like I’ve always said, President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term is dicey. He will start some political abracadabra in order to gain his second term which will be characterised by so much of negotiations. He will have to cajole and beg a lot of people; he will also beg Obasanjo. What Nigerians see now is only a tip of the iceberg of the clash that will come between Obasanjo and Jonathan.

“In the process of Jonathan’s negotiations, the offices of the Vice President, the Chief of Staff and the Secretary to the Federal Government will be affected. When he eventually succeeds through negotiation, some of these governors who moved to the All Progressive Congress, APC, will return back to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and Tukur will be removed.

Jonathan thinking

“At the same time, I want to tell you that when Jonathan eventually gets his second term, there will be crisis. Also, another person will be shopped by the PDP to take over from Jonathan, but like I said, through negotiation and begging, he will get the second term. Jonathan might be the last president of PDP to rule this country, anyway. He also has to be prayerful and watchful so he doesn’t lose his wife, the First Lady of the country. I also see shake-up in the cabinet and ministers being removed and replaced. The Ministers of Petroleum and Aviation will also be seriously probed. Some people might not like theses prophecies, but that is not my problem because I am speaking as God has directed me,” Ayodele said.

Speaking further, he stated; “An unknown man will rule Lagos State. Nationally, APC has accommodated traitors and betrayals. It is not yet time for the party to rule this country. However, if they really want to rule, they have to struggle and pray very well to get the right candidate. They must be watchful so that their party is not used for negotiation.

“Nigeria will try their best in the World Cup but I do not see them in the semi-final or final. Let us be very watchful in the aviation sector so that pilots will not go on strike. Also, there will be air turbulence in some of our airports such as in Lagos and Abuja. We also must be watchful so that there won’t be any air crash. I however see reforms in the aviation sector.Let us pray very well so that this growing climatic condition will also not cause mourning for this country,” Ayodele said.


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  1. Man of God,with all due respect,pls didn’t God review anything positive to you for our great Country.and why are all d revelation on politics only?

  2. GOD does not reveal to put fear in us, HE reveals to redeem. Why is it dat, some of this so called Prophets don’t see/say anything positive about Nigeria? All they see and talk about are negatives. Please let’s all trash all these negatives… Let’s stop being pessimistic and start being optimistic about Nigeria. I decree & declare that none of this prophecies will be fulfilled in Jesus name. Nigeria, you are blessed… 2014 shall be for Nigeria a year of “GREATER HEIGHTS And GREATER GLORY”. I reverse every negativity spoken over Nigeria this day December 28, 2013 and I command to go back to sender in Jesus name! Joel 2:21-27 says; “Fear not, O Nigeria; be glad and rejoice: for the LORD will do great things. Be not afraid, ye beast of the field: for the pastures of the wilderness do spring, for tree beareth her fruit, the fig tree and the vine do yield their strength. Be glad the, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your GOD: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and He will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month. And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the fats shall overflow with wine and oil. And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your GOD, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed. And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Nigeria, and that I am the LORD your GOD, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed.” This is the word of the LORD, GOD Almighty for Nigeria and her people!

    • Mr Pius, i agree with u total and i join my faith with yours. I am not moved by all these things they say.
      I am only moved by what the word of God says and that is what we all should believe and forget all these people.

  3. MR. Prophet , Don’t come and forecast out of all the articles you read at news papers becs the fear of God is wisdom and to Depert from evil is understanding , fine we will pray but your prophesy looks like gamble

  4. The truth is that I ve never heard any good prophesy concerning nigeria…does it mean that God delights in our sufferings and hardship(wch is never possible, cos he is a God full of mercy and compassion) or are so negetive minded to point of believing nothing good can come out of naia. The fact remains that as we make our bed so we shall lie on it…. I pity we d poor masses

  5. Well, i cannot for sure say if the prophecy is true or false bcos he is nt my pastor, bt those of you attacking the pastor should go and read the post again. he did nt not conclude that all the things he said will happen bt he said it many times that nigerians should pray very hard to avert the misfortunes that may befall us. politics is nt the only thing he talked abt cos he said smtin abt football and besides, even if he talked abt politics alone, is political instability nt the biggest problem we have in this country? (let’s tell ourselves the truth). some of you said that he did nt make any positive comment in his prophesy; are reforms in the aviation sector not positive? is the exposition of boko haram sponsors not positive? please, let’s be rational in our thinking and nt sentimentaly draw conclusions abt somebody. you have also quickly forgotten that he is the same man who foresaw belgium and sosoliso aircrash

  6. Biblical prophecies shows that the prophets speaks as God instructed and by authority of heaven not by speculation or guest work. Most time it does not have any correlation with what is practically on ground hence it is God prophecy. However, am here to announce to 9ga that come 2014 is exceeding grace.

  7. Dis is not a prophecy, na sycology hin de use, all his predictn is wat everybody can predict. Abacha die, follow by OBJ’s Stella, Yaradua die den who is nxt….?

  8. In the process of Jonathan’s negotiations, the offices of the Vice President, the Chief of Staff and the Secretary to the Federal Government will be affected. When he eventually succeeds through negotiation, some of these governors who moved to the All Progressive Congress, APC, will return back to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and Tukur will be removed.

  9. man of God dose dat mean u cannot say positive things God says when we call upon him he God wil answer us every believers is prayin 4 nigeria so God cannot lia he is a faithful God if we fail he God remain FAITHFUL l pronance in 2014 peace, love, unity, prosperity, and above all *EXCEEDING GRACE* come next year in jesus name amen.

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  11. All praise be to God. I am lucky to be a muslim. My religion said, whoever go to a sooth-say and he believe in what he said even though he never acted upon it, his worship will nt be accepted for 40days. D problem wt christain is that whoever said lord! Lord! And perform mighty work is of God. Bt hmmm beware!

  12. I prophecy to nigeria dat if possible to get one person who is son of GOD in nigeria, all this negative prophesies wil not come to pass in jesus name. nigeria, u ar blessed in jesus name. i declare to u nigeria to begin make progress. this is my advice to all nigerians to come to their creator (GOD) & forsake all our sins becaus god stil love this countary & he is merciful.

  13. Pls Man of God tell us also some positive things God revealed to u about Nigeria, hope u’re not a prophet of doom? May God help Nigeria!


    • I believe you are inspired to issue curses on this Prophet you have not even met before. I also believe that you are a Christian based on your opinion here. what aspects of the predictions actually infuriated you, or do you know him personally or otherwise? I don’t know Prophet Ayodele from Adam but I understand principles of prophecy, dream and vision in relation to human nature etc Whether you curse or not he has delivered that message within his best abilities to the benefit of those concerned whether negative or positive. But this your anger and vituperations, you need to be born again of the spirit of LOVE.

  15. Prophet/pastor,kindly rebuke all these negative prophesy,pray and bless nigeria,our eye has seen alot and u said these is preamble,these must nt be preamble,these must be d last of war/riot in nigeria in jesus name.May God put an end to d death of president,wife,and all of us in jesus name.Once more God has reviewed it to u,but u have d power to nolify it.IT IS WELL WITH NIGERIA.

    • Lucky,forget about that matching….the facts are as spelt out by the above prophecy…it is not well with Naija,we are just pretending and wishing away dooms day…..January I can boldly tell you would start with strike cutting across the oil,gas,health sector just to mention a few…how match has to be halted’s towards doom

  16. all soul shall tastes death. whether u prophesied or not we will all die one day. thank God am a Muslim, I don’t believe in prophesy.

  17. D problem with nigerians is dat we want people to say positive thing about us even when we are not faithful to ourselves and others. In recent times, God has always related to His people prophesy. He judged them on happenings around them whether good or bad. D primate has played his part. But most of u are a living witness to happenings around u and ll also a living witness to it come 2014 cos he’s not among those prophets who speaks peace while there is no peace and whose prophecies have been paid for.

  18. He is among the prophets that brings unrest to Nigeria. Instead of him to pray for nja to be well organised, he is using bad mouth against nja. Those Revs, pastors nd fathers are now bringing out the true color of Christianity. The christians always follow the say_say of their pastors that lead them of doing wrong thinking it is right because Man of God has said so.
    I dont follow what they say, i only follow what God of mercy have said.

  19. Beloved Primate, thank God for the revelation/prophecy. May I suggest that you please, as a matter of necessity/urgency, swiftly organise a special Prayer (National) for the sake of our dear country. You may involve other renowned Ministers like Pastor E A Adeboye, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, Pastor/Prophet S A Adegboyega, General Yakubu Gowon (Rtd), Apostle Sunday Popoola, and many others. ” If my people who are called by my name should humble themselves, …”. This Nation, Nigeria, shall experience a positive turn around and move to higher heights in Jesus Name, It is done!

  20. All these negative prophecies shall not befall naija as far as Jesus Christ the Prince of peace is concern in JESUS NAME AMEN. And pls stop calling pastors “man of God” cos God knows His chosen ones.

  21. Well either it’s true or God Almighty lives and i desire the wellbeing and the prosperity of my beloved citizens of this nation nigeria i speak that same word that God spoke at creation when the world was a “chaotic mass” that let there be light!!!…today from henceforth nigeria is progressing in all her endeavors,she is expanding and growing extraordinarily in all her sectors in IJN Amen!!!!!!!

  22. the bible said (wch is d words of God) evry problem dat b revealed is alrdy b solved so I declare by d authority in d name Jesus christ evry evil plot against dis country b dissolved.No negative words or prophesy shall stand against dis nationa again in Jesus name. Peace’progress ad exceeding grace ill b d portion of dis country.

  23. Nigerian can never stop bein funny! Here is a man who claims he is speaking the mind of God but yet we Christians are abusing him n makin ourselves n our faith a laughing stock for our Muslim brothers! Remember that wen Noah spoke the mind of God concerning the flood, the People of that generation laughed n mocked him as u guys are doing now n they were consumed… Its shall not be our portion. I tink u can do Nigeria a favour by going on ur kneel in prayers rather than attacking de man of God! He is not my pastor, am hearing about him for the very first time but as a Christian, I respects any one who speaks what is seemingly the Mind of God n also watch out!
    I tink we should pray n watch out! That we may not be consumed wen this tings happen if they ever will!

  24. all i want to say is that who so ever believe in this man is also a devil, Allah swt never share is secret with man like this,he might have gotten dis from the bad jinn and i want to say that despite the problem of the country n all that he has said will start and end from his families n relatives in sha Allah. You this cultist may the wrath of almighty Allah be upon the liar ameen

  25. Isaiah 8:20, “To the law & to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word,(the word of God, the Bible) it is because there is no light in them.

    Mr Prophet, ur prophecy is not in tandem wit d bible. The God of heaven that I worship is not a God of “may be” & try ur luck, if Patience Jonathan will die, God will not reveal it to u & tell u “may be”, u know y, it’s because he has d world in his hands & him alone knows d time & d very minute she wld die, but because God had not sent u, u hv used dt word “may”, Wch means even d god dt sent u dt msg & I’m sure is not d God of heaven, does not know wen she will die.

    Dt is where God is greater Dan all u fake prophets Patience Jonathan wld not die premature but she shall live to declare d glory of God & shame on all u Juju prophets. Patience I dn’t know frm Adam but I wonder y pple want her dead at all cost. The truth is, God’s word never comes back to him void(c Isaiah 55:11). So God doesn’t do guess work.

    1 Cor. 14:4 “…but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.”

    Prophecy is a spiritual gift jst as d gift of Tongues, Singing, Teaching, Instrumentation, working of miracle,
    And all these gifts r given for the edification of d church & to profit all in d church (c 1 Cor. 12:7). God gives prophecies to save d church from impending dangers, giving solutions to the problem & Wch ultimately leads to salvation & glorification of d name of God. But urs is directed at politics & politicians, no mention ws made of Jesus & his saving grace, u r not even sure of ur prophecies & u want Nigerians to believe u r God sent… SMH!!!

    U r fake!!! Because u hv nt spoken in accordance wit d word of God. U cn deceive dos Hu give dem selves to deception by not reading d bible to know d truth & depend on wat d bishop has to say…

  26. Chei!!! C office, dis man wan open office 4 1st Lady head… Wat abt all d Poor Pple 4 him church Wey go die Nxt yr him no c dt one, na only Patience God show u say him go kill?
    Dis guy na officer, c using of head… I beg Wch school u finish frm, na RS/UST? Cos na only dre dem incorporate “Dagbo”.
    So Patience now go come call am secretly to pray 4 her mk she 4 no die, frm dre give man of God transportation fare, & tithe…lol!!! UST boi!!!

  27. Have never see any real prophecy made that never come to pass whether u pray or not.what is d meaning of prophecy?future events that will come to pass whether you like it or not.prayer is out of it. Any other prophecy that comes out from anyone apart from the one through TB Joshua,I don’t believe.I will rather wait till January to hear the authentic one from him because his own is always 100%.check d past record of his prophecy.if you like call him names. his prophecy, times without number is a sure banker.


  29. jeremiah prophecied doom to is people bcos of there sin,evrytin he prophecied came to pass,i am not saying wats is prophecies said is false but wat is bad in encouraging nigerians to be prayful,for it is known that prayer is the strongest weapon we have against the devil!that is wat we need the most now.sin hinders us a lot from GOD is the country perfect u can judge dat for urselves!i am not asking to believe but i think it will be wise to take the part that said pray.Sin is evrywhere it brought th epeople of israel to their doom remember that!jeremiah warned them but none believed,i am not a pentecostal but i am not a fanatic!thanks.

  30. Primate Ayodele is not my pastor or prophet neither have I listened to him on radio or television. But you all who have called him prophet of doom should know you are sinning against the Holy Ghost because prophetic ministry is simply a ministry of the Holy Ghost. Many said he is predicting from past events and experiences. Did he also prophesy the two air crashes of 2005 from past happenings? Someone said he talked about politics only, I think u should read well and you will see he mentioned the world cup, security (Boko haram) and the ecomomy. One thing is this, many who condemn prophecies as these are those who do not have God’s Spirit in them, never prophesied and their MOG can’t see beyond. I’m a prophet of God too and the Holy Ghost confirms these prophecies to be true. Call me on 08030679356 to abuse and condemn me.

  31. This man don’t know what he is saying fraud pastor, he want Nigerians to know that he is existing rubbish no single point at all. My friend you better go and buy laptop and throw your format. Becos we Nigerians Sabi wela

  32. All will be well, in responding to this prophesy please let not insult the man of God if not for anything because of God his name is involve. As for me I am positive about this country all will be well. Pastor Adeboye de clear fasting for his members 100days to pray for this country, pastor Oyedepo 21days fasting so is Dr Olukoya. Will all this prayers and fasting be in vain? No. Fear not God is in control. Happy new year.

  33. He that has a ear let him hear what the spirit is saying i pity u guys you’re doubting this prophet instead of praying for the nation you’re showing your abusing skills on the man read the prophecy he is not the first Prophet warning Patience Jonathan i see most of those prophecies fulfilling lack of faith my Prophecy Boko haram is going to Aso rock believe it or not he that has a ear let him hear what the spirit is saying.


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