Richard Branson Fires Uganda for their Anti-Gay Law; Rapper Eldee Supports Him


This issue is very sensitive and I won’t want to hit too much on it. Anyways, after a man was burnt alive in Uganda for being gay; a lot of people have come out discriminate the Ugandan government.

On of those people was Billionaire CEO of Virgin Group — Richard Branson. After his message on Instagram, Nigerian rapper Eldee supported his motion.

In support of Virgin Group CEO, Richard Branson, rapper eLDee wrote;
“Hopefully, one day soon, Africa will realize that the#anti-gay sentiment is no different from racial or religious discrimination.


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  • Homosexuality in ANY form is devlish! When we face the judgement of God after this life then U (Richard) shall understand but then it will be TOO late. May God have mercy on us! Let us all remember Sodom and Gommorah; God’s jugdement is coming……….be ready!

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