SHOCKING: Policeman Kills Newly Married Man (PHOTO)

Donbraye Akangbou, a newly married man would never have imagined he won’t see the end of the year 2013 as he died after a police officer accidentally shot him in the stomach in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


The deceased an employee of Lunberg Services Ltd located behind Coca Cola in Port Harcourt was settling a dispute when a Joint Task Force officer shot him at close range on Wednesday.

He was immediately rushed to BMH A & E hospital but his treatment was delayed due to lack of police report.

He died one hour later.

Donbraye Akangbou got married in June 2013 and his wife is three months pregnant.

Meanwhile the JTF officer who killed him said he accidentally pulled the trigger while trying to hit someone with his gun.


Donbraye and his wife

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  • The public must be protected from these policemen who take delight in brutalizing the citizen of this country. the police have no respect for there citizen, all they do is to continue inflicting pains on the ppl, we
    will not sit down and allow this brutality to continue. the perpetrator should be made to face the music. Today,Nigeria has become a battle field where every man is a suspect

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