SHOCKING VIDEO: Men Assault Woman In Lagos, Force Pepper, Bottles And Sticks In Her Private Parts For Stealing Pepper

In a very shocking and disturbing occurrence, two young women have been viciously attacked by a group of men for allegedly stealing pepper and clothes.


The men also videotaped the assault and the video has been making its rounds in the social media with everyone expressing their shock and pain at the way the women were being treated.

The men beat, stripped and tortured the women. They went on to sexually attack them by putting all sorts of foreign objects in their private area including grounded pepper.

Those who have watched the unbelievable video have been calling on the Nigerian police to find the perpetrators of this abominable act and bring the to justice.

The video can be downloaded by clicking This Link. (WARNING: Viewer Discretion is STRONGLY advised)



  1. This is absolutely inhuman, I beg God in His uncomparable throne to please george this people acordinly eccept if none of them have never stolen they shall go unpunished. I weeped for these poor ladies, they shall withness it when their perpetrator are being punished.

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