Show Me Your Body – By Disappointed Reader

The famous saying reads: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” Now the situation is gradually changing to “show me your breast and I will tell you you’re worth.”

naked_woman_shadowI hope my mum won’t see her little boy’s wish (but I know she’ll certainly read this). I’m tired of controlling my eyes every time I walk along the streets. I’m tired of explaining to my female friends why they should cover up those special, sweet and sensitive parts of their body. I’m tired of people looking at me as if I’m an angel by not admiring the melons like they do.

Moreover, I’m tired of being the good boy who will tell the lady beside me in the bus to adjust her button which she purposefully left open. In all, I’m tired of looking away from the nakedness of these ladies. Right now, I’m ready to see them all. I’m ready to disgrace any lady who will not respect the sacred order of womanhood and cover herself very well. I’m ready to pour aspersions on you, tell your parents how you sell your body to the highest bidder and make sure you’re dealt with.

Now to the ladies, I’m ready to ridicule any of you who is not ready to respect her body. Show us your breasts with its stretch marks. Show us your thighs with its dirt’s. Show us everything you think you can use in seducing men and messing yourself up. We promise not to remove our eyes or our hands till we’ve turned those melons to fried eggs.

And guess what; they won’t marry you. Be our “runz gurl” today and satisfy our stupid desires. We shall buy you luxuries and steal your future from you. You will beg for the bright future, but your sun has been filled with red tears.

Throw morality to the gutters and enjoy life while you can. But be prepared for us to use you as a laughing stock when your mates are captains of industries and you’re still confused whether to go to one prayer house or the other. Weekend is here again, we shall come with our heavy cars and cart you away. Keep you in our hotel room to satisfy our sexual desires.

We shall pay you off and exchange your fresh blood with our old and weak blood. We’re also taking your destiny as well. So open your legs for us, show us what you’ve got. There will be no Promised Land for you because we’ve taken it away from you.

Unless you change and take an oath to be good, you may never meet me at the Promised Land, where I shall be waiting for when you’ll pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

By Martin Beck Nworah


  1. God bless u my dear for dis write-up, I just wish dis message will get to d hearts of people who really need dem. Ladies have to understand dat dere is true beauty n dignity in morality, dat it is not our bodies dat should be exposed but our potentials,intelligence n intellect. Cover your bodies n open ur brains!!!

  2. aaahhhh! Finally, the christians are catching up with the muslims and modernity. Nudity is for the cavemen and neanderthals. Nudists lack personality that is why they need the nudity for cheap popularity. Cover up your bodies and respect womanhood. Everyone expects to unwrap their sweets before eating them, and not picking unwraped ones from the dirty floor.

  3. admin. I never used the word `indecency` in my comment oo! I used `nuudiity`. U better learn to call a spade a spade. U post nud pics and dont consider such as taboo but u sanction mere WORDS for godsake! quite the hypocrisy please.

  4. Dear muslim, illd love to point out with all due respect of course,dat dis issue is not about religion at all, decency is encouraged n advocated for by both religions but it is d people dat choose to do otherwise, christians n also muslims. I live in a predominantly muslim state n I’ve lived also in a christian state, d issue of indecency is strongly present in both, with dat of d muslim state as shocking because of its discreetness. Of course none of d religions should be blamed but d “individuals”. This, my dear,is a human problem, not religious. Don’t be biased or sentimental.


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