Show them this Season – Dress to impress!

Lola AlliWhether it is a family get together or a hall party,  guests are always dressed for pompousness.  More often than not, people tend to overshadow the main guest or celebrant of a party or function. The host has to be dressed to look as the most elegant one among the crowd. Don’t try to take away the limelight from the Man or Woman of the hour. The dress of an individual defines what kind of personality he possesses. It even denotes the inner character that we have as a person.


The human psyche denotes we dress to please others. We want to look fabulous and glamorous for somebody that we probably want to impress. However, there are proper clothing rules and appropriate etiquette depending on the theme of the event attended. For example, you shouldn’t show up to a début party held at a high end restaurant in your jeans and shirt (even if you are a billionaire). There has to be a mix of your personality and appropriateness with your choice of clothes.


On a more personal level, the question on how to dress depends on your basic understanding of the event you would be attending. Categories may fall on formal or semi-formal, or perhaps it might just be a casual gathering. There are some events that put emphasis on the theme or style of the activity. A fund raising drive for example requires the dress code or some sort of uniform for the charity and causes that drives support. Never go against the theme, this is for you not to be misconstrued as someone against the objectives and missions of the event.


These are just variety of examples of which we take in line the clothing we wear. It is easier if in the invitation that we receive, the attire is already mentioned to give you an idea on the type of clothing you should prepare. In the absence of such fore advice then stick to casual smart – this never fails!  For men, a nice blazer with slacks or good jeans and crisp shirt (with a cravat for the highly stylish). For the females, a good dress and heels or a lovely skirt with a slender fit frill front blouse. Remember to use accessories ladies!  The understated  importance of a lovely pair of earrings or statement necklace to a signature ring and eye-catching belt..


Let not trends and fads dictate you how you dress but let your personal style and right perception determines how we dress.  A person dressed very simple is better than being dressed like they changed in the dark! Simplicity is the key word, as it allows you to exude confidence and beauty; traits that are very much admired in our society.


Lola Alli


Director of a Finishing School in Lagos


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