Snoop Dogg Fist Bump US Secretary of State John Kerry at the White House


When US secretary of state John Kerry met Snoop Dogg at a White House party, they sealed their friendship with something a little less formal than a handshake.

A video posted online by the rapper shows Kerry leaning in and giving Snoop ‘dap’ – which is known more to UK non-rap artists as a fist bump.

Critics questioned the decision to invite Snoop to the White House party, thrown for recipients of the of Kennedy Centre Honours, a lifetime contribution award for the performing arts.

Snoop’s career has been controversial and his lyrics filled with references to drugs, guns and violence towards women. In 2001 he starred in his own porn film, Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle.

But Kerry cemented Snoop’s transition to respectable socialite, chatting with him for several minutes at the party before offering a fist bump.

This year’s Kennedy Centre Honours were awarded to opera singer Martina Arroyo, jazz musician Herbie Hancock, Uptown Girl singer Billy Joel, actress Shirley MacLaine and guitarist Carlos Santana.