Supreme Court Judgment: I Remain A Humble Patriot Without Malice, Says Bode George

chief-bode-george-360x225Chief Olabode George, a former Deputy National Chairman of the PDP, says he is grateful to God for the Supreme Court’s decision on his conviction by a Lagos High Court.

The News Agency on Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Supreme Court had on Friday quashed George’s conviction of October 2009.

George was sentenced by the Lagos High Court over fraud charges when he was Chairman of the board of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).

“Today, I am born anew. Light has now prevailed over darkness. The crucibles of yesterday now remain in the past. I am confronted with a new beginning.

“I remain a mariner with a story to tell. I have witnessed the goodness of the Lord.

“I have seen the goodness of the Lord today (Friday). The Almighty God in his infinite mercy and the sanctity of his wisdom has reconfirmed the true tenet of the eternal and abiding justice.

“The innocent may fall, the innocent may stumble, but he will never suffer in vain”, he said on Friday in a statement.

The PDP stalwart however stated that no matter how the truth might have lived a difficult life, it would always prevail.

“I am now out of the darkness and shadows of evil. The light of God has shined upon me. I now give praise to the good Lord for his abundant mercy and grace”, he said.

George thanked his wife, Roli, for believing in him and staying the course through thick and thin.

He said he bore no grudges nor haboured any grievances against any man.

“I am strengthened in the firmness of the integrity of our judiciary.

“I am proud that this nation still has men and women who will never serve the hour to mangle the truth, who will stand for the purity of justice no matter the transient tempting of the moment”, George stated.

He pointed out that there was indeed an abiding moral in his conviction, that one must never abandon his personal conviction.

“We must never surrender our highest principles. We must never serve the hour to distort the truth.

“The road may be rough. Our challenges may be harsh and bruising. But we must trudge along. We must be constantly guided in the sanctity of the goodness of the Lord”, the PDP stalwart said.

He said the total predication of his being was again anchored on service to Nigeria.

“I have no vaulting ambition. I have no giant dreams or aspirations. My fixity is our nation.

“We must recommit ourselves to selfless service. We must recommit ourselves to rebuilding the broken places.

“We must eschew bitterness and malignity. We must transcend the narrow podium of ethnicity and tribal prejudice.

“We must shun the invidious partisan venom that will distort the truth merely to destroy a perceived opponent.

“This nation is greater than all of us. Let us protect it. Let us serve it with all our hearts and with the fear of the Lord. I remain a humble patriot without malice”, George stated. (NAN)