Tambuwal To FG: ‘How Do You Save Money When Nigerians Are Hungry?’

Speaker-House-of-Representatives-Aminu-Tambuwal-and-President-Goodluck-Jonathan1Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alhaji Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, was visibly enraged yesterday as he attributed the poor level of infrastructural development in the country to the Ministry of Finance and the Budget Office of the Federation, both of which he accused of depriving critical projects of necessary funding.

Tambuwal’s anger also exposed the crack in relationship between the Green Chamber and the Executive even as the row over crude oil price benchmark for the 2014 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) deepens.

The Speaker said he could not comprehend how a government would be thinking of saving money when its people were hungry in apparent reference to the 2014 budget row over oil benchmark.

He made this known in Abuja when the management of Power Holding Transmission Company visited him at the National Assembly to solicit for funds to run its projects.

Tambuwal said, “We are still dragging with the executive arm of government on the issue of oil benchmark. Why? Because we said we need more money to fund infrastructure development.

“Somebody somewhere is saying that we should be saving money, saving money on an empty stomach! How do you save money when you are hungry?

“We are not your problems; the National Assembly of Nigeria cannot and is not a problem to any ministry, department or agency of government in terms of making attempt to support that MDA for funding. Your main problem is budget office and the ministry of finance.

“We are hungry for healthcare, road infrastructure, rail lines, power and education and somebody somewhere is saying we should save money for what and for whom?

“We actually need to look at those (pieces of) advice, and whose interest are they saving, is it our own interest or somebody else’s interest?” Tambuwal asked.


  1. This is the most stupid question I have heard of recent. How will Nigeria survive if we spend all that we gather on food? Moreover, this man should ask himself:’How much does my state generate into the federation account?’ True federalism will take care of these nonsense.

  2. Wisdom the bible says is profitable to direct. It is good to celebrate with all excitement, but better when done moderately and with wisdom. The decision we make today determines our tomorrow. The action or inaction of a man will either be regretted or appreciated. Some people who SAW while others were LOOKING sought for money to purchase some plots of land at the present Lekki Penninsula when a plot of land in that arear was been sold for as low as between N500,000 and N1m; are reaping the benefits now that its now been sold for as high as N130m. Some heard of it then and ignored it or never believed such an area could develop, bringing about drastic appreciation of properties in the area. Lekki Free Trade Zone, The New International Airport, The Deep Seaport (which will be the second in Africa after that in South Africa), The Lagos Industrial site, Eleganza Industrial site, The Permanent site of PAN Africa University and many more developmental projects are springing up in Epe, Ibeju Lekki and their axis. Blue Chip Companies are now acquiring hecters of land in that area. Just for the ones
    that have foresight and will take action while others are ignoring, PWAN HOMES LTD is now selling Estate Lands for as low as between N330,000 and N1.5m at Ajah, Ibeju Lekki and their environs. Promo is currently on for limited time. Some of these lands are with title such as C of O, Global C of O while some are awaiting title. Omo onile problem have been wiped off. For more information, site visitation and to pick up your own plots call Abayomi on 08179517872 or 08065415971. EVERY OTHER ASSETS DEPRECIATE, WHILE LAND APPRECIATE. INVEST WISELY TODAY TO APPRECIATE YOUR DECISION TOMORROW

  3. Tambuwal, you are really a funny man. How do you expect us to spend all our monies filling our stomachs with food? Is this how you intend to rule Nigeria if you are elected our president? A man with your kind of narrow-minded understanding is not worthy of any leadership position. Your comments lately on public issues are replete with unnecesary and senseless prejudices and give you away as an antagonist which most of your northen ilks stand for and APC which we all know you are already a half member.

  4. She must hve forgotten ths is a developong country n we need all d mney to develop.advance countries can save whtevr amount bt we have to be careful here.ppls wl judge this regime by what they achieve n not what they save.nig wl be better with infracstructure and not with money saved somewhere.

  5. Douglas n ur likes u pple ar blinded by sentiment.read d post veri wel.we said we ar hungry for healthcare,rail lines,roads nd d likes.bt u just translate hunger for food alone bcos of sentiment. Tambuwal is sayin nothin bt d truth y save money wen all these things ar lacking..gej is obviously saving money to rig election come 2015 nd it wil not work

  6. The money FG claimed their are saving is missing everyday where is Sure P money why NNPC did’nt remitt money to federation account if they did where is the money dat is the question we Nigeria suppost to ask our self. If I get the msg correctly Tambuwa did’nt said that keeping money is not gud but there is alot of infrustructure decay why not FG come with developmental projects that will increase investment and better the life of nigerians instead of keeping it for themselves where there is no job, no electricity, no good roads. Money has no value by keeping. FG should come up with gud reform with serious mind to development our infrastructure and industies instead keeping our money for thiefs.


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