TB Joshua On President Jonathan, God’s Talking To Him, Private Jets, Going To Restroom … And Many More

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations opens up on multiple controversies surrounding him and his ministry.


On being humble:  If you have passed through what I have passed through, you will even be more humble than I am.

I have good health, and God shows me what I would have been in terms of sickness and death; it humbles me, and I want to use my good health for him. At times, God shows me how people are suffering and the thought that it could have been me keeps me humble. For instance, if I did anything wrong during this interview, when you may have left, God will caution me. If I am not humble, I will be out of track. If I was not in the house of God, I would be one of the touts in the motor parks.


On his ministry being seemingly more popular outside Nigeria than in Nigeria: I want to offer the same prayer for you: that God should make you more popular outside your country than in your country.

Let other countries introduce you to your country. I think that is better. As it is written in the Bible, a prophet has no honour in his country. I am not an evangelist or a pastor, I am a prophet. It is the word prophet that was used in that scriptural passage, not evangelist or so. If my people had understood the work from the beginning, it could have affected the glory of God in my life today. If people understand your vision from the beginning, you may not go far. It is better they don’t, they will understand later, and by then, you would have been very strong and God would have strengthened your desire. Praises and adoration can make you a local champion.

Where are the people that Nigerians praised from the beginning? I can mention some – even men of God, who are no longer living today, so many founders – CAC, Cherubim and Seraphim, Church of the Lord and so on. We should get this understanding that those who were local champions in the past did not reach international recognition.

Look beyond the ministry job to the secular world, was it Nigeria that introduced Prof. Wole Soyinka to the world? But when he became a Nobel Laureate, he became more powerful; when he talks, everyone wants to listen. Whereas there were some other local champions that even when they were dying, nobody took their news to CNN. They don’t know them.

God has a way of raising people by throwing the image to the international community. Even the footballers that are notable became acceptable to Nigerians when they belong to international clubs. I may not be accepted by some people in Nigeria but my acceptance in the world has been announcing me to my world. When you look at the people working with me, you see that the ratio of Nigerians working with me are not more than 10 per cent.

On special attraction that brings heads of government to synagogue: You have said it all, where there is demand, there is supply, and in that place, there would be enough anointing to do the work. God will not allow people to go to a place where there is no supply. It is not possible. I observe that if three chairs are added to this church today, you suddenly find people filling it and if four are removed, it is just the number of people that will fill the chairs that will come.

I have studied that from the beginning. Sometimes, when I see some ministries printing handbills, using signboards to advertise the church, I say those things are not necessary. God is the one inviting people, if you allow him to do it, the solution to their problems will be waiting for them. But if you take it upon yourself to do the advertisement, people that God is not expecting will come along with them and there will be crisis and trouble.

You just continue doing your work and leave the advert for God, then those that God didn’t invite will not come and there will be peace and tranquillity. You should not go out to start saying ‘I can heal, I can deliver.’ At synagogue, our critics are our advertisement. They are people that don’t want to hear about us. They tell other people that ‘that church is devilish;’ unknowingly, some of the people they tell get inquisitive and they will want to come here and see what a devil looks like since they haven’t seen one before.

God has been using this as advertisement for us. Ninety per cent of people who come here do so in the bid to come and verify what they had heard about this church. When some of them get here, they will sit at the back, fearing that they could be hurt. Some put on dark glasses or disguise in a way that will not allow people that know them to recognise them. But before the service is over, some of them will pick up their bags and move to the front seats. They eventually become my prayer warriors.

Let me tell you something that amazes me and that I always thank God for – those who are with me are more than those that are against me. They keep supporting me all over the world. I have more, more, more people around the world. Whenever I say this, tears flow from my eyes (sobs for a while). These are tears of joy. I get so sad when I hear people’s confession when their eyes become open to what God is doing here. Some say, “I wish I had known this, my mum would not have died. She asked me to bring her here but because of what I was hearing about this place, I refused until she died. I hope that she will forgive me.”

On President Goodluck Jonathan’s involvement: When it comes to relationship, I think he would be in the best position to answer that question. Since what we are doing is creating impact around the world, you should expect Nigeria’s president to also be part of it. We are praying for the nation and being a Christian acknowledges it.

If Jonathan had been here, it would have been shown on our Emmanuel Television network. No president has ever visited this place in secret. The Bible says that if you confess me before men, I will confess you before my father in heaven. I am not a witch doctor; we have nothing to hide. If you have not read in the newspapers that your president came here, then that is that.

Anytime presidents of other countries come here, Jonathan is usually aware. If he doesn’t believe in what we are doing, he would have told them that we constitute security risks.

On “instructing” the nation: I say it on the television and all over the world. I accept that is not enough; it is better to see him one on one.

But what is the essence of a President’s visit if he won’t follow what I will tell him? This kind of trend keeps staining my name. I will not mention anybody, when they leave here; they do not obey the instructions.

What are presidents looking for in the church: The reason why people visit a man of God is to receive instructions, his opinion about them or their country. But if they don’t follow it, yet the whole world knows that they are close to TB Joshua, it has no benefit.

It is no big deal. Except they obey the counsel given to them, it has no benefit. It is not something to be proud of. At least, seven presidents have visited this place since inception. But each time presidents come to this place, I get query from God. When they come around, you won’t have time to attend to other people. They will block the road with their security and at the end of the day, they won’t do what you advise them to do.

On allegations that his generosity is what woos people to the church: How much will I give to the president of a nation to come here? Even when they come, I don’t get any financial gain but I incur cost because I want to ensure that they are well cared for. That is all; I even prefer to spend my time with the poor than to be with the presidents.

If a president visits this place today, the whole of the day will be devoted to that visit, I would have lesser time for the poor people, who need my attention. God has been warning me over this trend so much that when some presidents said that they wanted to visit me, I said no. I said it would be better for me to visit them in their countries. Each time they visit this place, I receive query from God because of my time that should have been used to attend to the poor and the needy that are waiting for me.

One soul is not superior to the other, why should I continue to receive query? Really out of three presidents that may visit, there will hardly be one that will show good example of the counsel that they received from me. If the needy are more receptive to God, it is better to give them more of my time.

Why he still asks people to display the items given to them live on camera: We do so to encourage other people to do likewise. Some of them are physically-challenged or indigent people who do not even have bank accounts, so we have to give them cash. We don’t want them to be duped, but we don’t do that often anymore.

It is not a deliberate advertising.

Every man of God has his own habit. Habit is a gift from God. Like Daniel, whenever he wants to pray, he will open his window, that is his habit. The disciples of Jesus prayed six times a day; that is their habit. It is not that we are showing off. When people see what we are doing, they learn how to be good givers.

If you do everything privately, what will people write about? Jesus fed the 5,000 people in the open, not in secret. That is why it could be written. When the tax collectors came to him, he did not hide to say, ‘I don’t want them to see that they want to collect money from me.’ Even when he healed a man and they asked him how he did it, he asked them to go and ask the healed man.

On how God speaks to him: Faith must first be in the heart before there could be an accepted confession. That means faith must first be in the heart before there could be an acceptance of prayer, request, talk from God. Faith is of man’s heart, which is spirit. Heart literarily means a different thing from the spirit. You use your faith to put a demand.

I use my faith to place a demand. You don’t understand what I am saying. Let me put it this way, faith is a channel through which the anointing flows. That means you use your faith to put a demand and ask for whatever you want. If there is faith in your heart, you can close your eyes and make a demand that you want to know what is happening around the world and before you know it, you will see the vision.

There is what you call a measure of faith – deep, deeper, deepest faith. I don’t know which level you belong. Faith grows as we hear the word and obey it. We are not all at the same level, but all things are possible to him that believes. What is possible for you may not be possible for me.

On people believing he is not a follower of Jesus Christ, but a member of some other sect: We don’t get power, it is faith we have. The power in our life is released by faith through our mouth. The issue of getting power is wrong. We don’t talk about getting power here. If you don’t have faith, power will remain dormant. In Mark, Jesus said this kind won’t be possible but by prayer and fasting. The disciples had power but lacked faith to release it.

Nigerians cannot tell me who I am. The percentage of my people around the world is more than those in Nigeria. I am celebrated around the world. Go on the internet, Emmanuel TV is the most watched. Forget about anybody, I don’t need to promote myself. Even Jesus could not win everybody’s soul.

The word Christian is a title. How do you know that those people talking believe in Jesus Christ when Christianity is a matter of the heart?

That is what I am correcting you about; that someone said he is a Christian doesn’t mean he is. If somebody says he belongs to this or that fellowship, only God knows. It is not about confessing that I am a prophet, a pastor, only God knows who is serving him. A mango tree cannot bear coconut. What you believe radiates around you. I’m more than that kind of confession. If anyone doesn’t believe me, they would when the time comes.

Christianity is not an association. Let us talk about Christianity. I don’t celebrate religion. I am a follower of Jesus; I am a Christian, that is all I know. I will invite you to come and worship here this Sunday. I am known by my love, not by my association, so whether Pentecostal, Catholic, Charismatic, Methodist, who is serving God? I don’t judge people but people can judge me. All I know is that my persecution has been a blessing; I have been tamed by it. It has strengthened me. I am a Charismatic.

I have told you about faith. You know that Elijah anointed Elisha, but can you tell me who anointed Elijah? So you see God can choose to do it the way He wants. Because I don’t want to hurt you, I don’t know which circle you belong to, maybe your own pastor was anointed by a man.

On Jim Iyke: Oh please, don’t drag me into that. All I can say is that if a person needs to see a doctor, he should be free to do so. I like the young man. He has been defending himself on the internet. Is he not enjoying a better life now? Are things not working for him?

On his family members: I don’t expose my family. I hear people saying that I don’t have a wife and that I have no child. That is the news everywhere. You have seen my wife, and this is a photograph of my daughter.

My wife is a very wonderful woman. She believes in receiving her own call. She does not just want to hold microphone because her husband is a pastor.

Men of God need to take care of their children. My daughter studied Law she is doing her PhD in Harvard and she is coming back home to preach the gospel. She loves to preach.

On his looks and if his wife is responsible: I love to look good, too; it is 50-50 anyway. She has been a great woman to me. She has been a great source of encouragement in the midst of my challenges. She is different in the sense that she said I was the one God called, so she is waiting until she is called by God to be a pastor. That is unlike what most men of God do, they believe that once they are called, their wives must be pastors too.

On when he is going to buy his own private jet: When one is at the airport to catch a flight, you see that many have become like Molue. They could disappoint you by saying the flight has been cancelled. Even when you eventually get on board, people keep thronging you for one reason or the other. The person serving you the meal may be someone that needs deliverance, by giving you food, she will deliver you.

There was an experience I had when travelling by air for a trip of about nine hours. I was pressed but couldn’t go and ease myself because I had to queue like other people before I could use the restroom. Besides, I thought that some of those people could go to the toilet immediately after I had used it in expression of faith, so I remained glued to my seat all through the journey. That would not have been if I was flying a private jet.

Or if you are a man of God that snores and they see the pastor sleeping and snoring, they will think he shouldn’t snore. Meanwhile, he is human. So a man of God should have a private jet if the situation demands it.

If the use is for the church, the church should buy it, own it and manage it. It should not be bought in the pastor’s name. When he is no longer there, the jet remains the church’s.

On what inspired him to owning a football club: It is the desire to help people realise their dreams. There are other social platforms that we use to help people.

Is God not too busy to talk to him about that? The same God speaks about everything. God is aware of everything. It is all about the faith that you have; it manifests even in small things. We need to know how much we need God.

Source: Punch Nigeria


  1. thank you prophet tb Joshua, may God almighty bless you the more to be more blessing to the world. o lord through the faith in the words of prophet Tb. Joshua toch me and what ever that have been working against me turn into tesimony in Jesus name amen!. thank you lord.

  2. my man,and man of God in deed.I Love u soo much,U Are my roll model.I ‘ve be in his church,he is a prophet sent by God to de nation.

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  5. He is a servant of Satan. Can’t you see the controversy in his statements?. Gods gives him query yet gives him revelation concerning the presidents who visit him. God is not the author of confusion. What he does not support, he does not fund!.

  6. I love you My Prophet. let people talk whatever they want.. let them write whatever they want.. the point is we are moving forward and there is no going back.. their words is too small to pull us down.. i love you Prophet,,

  7. If there is any ministry that need a private Jet should be synagogue Church of all Nations. All these countries that you travels and sent your Evangelist for rescue mission such like Anointing water Rivival, humanitarian relief for d refuges etc. Man of God u need a private Jet. May the God of TB Joshua provide you and your ministry(SCOAN) with one this coming year 2014 in Jesus name, Amen!

  8. I have never been in his church before but I whatch Emmanuel tv, TB Joshua is a great man God, I never see man of God like him, he is a God sent.I pray for God to strengthen him more and more in Jesus Christ Name Amen.

  9. He is a very great man of God.my life has been so much inspired by is teachings and examplary life.how I wish nigerian govt should embrace him fr change like other countries.Ghana,ivory coast,malawi etc are doing well today bcs of dia closeness to him.

  10. He is a very great man of God.my life has been so much inspired by his teachings and examplary life.how I wish nigerian govt should embrace him fr change like other countries.Ghana,ivory coast,malawi etc are doing well today bcs of dia closeness to him.

  11. I believe so much in dis man. How much do U̶̲̥̅̊ show love to pple, thru giving and giving dem ur attention and dats what dis nice man does. Pple said he’s not married? His wife is light skinned and bit big, very pretty woman. May God continue to uplift ur ministry in Jesus name. Just want to have faith like urs to be able to hear from God too. God bless U̶̲̥̅̊ real Ǧ☺☺ϑ sir. Wa kpe fun wa ni orukor Jesu!

  12. God bless you TB Joshua
    I wish 2-3 people like you are in nigeria, you’ve left a good legacy for we nigerians and non-nigerians…..
    I pray hat God will continue to increase your anointing (IJMN) I LOVE YOU


  14. I have not seen prophet TB Joshua one on one b4 neither i am a member of his church but i love him with passion, i love his works. d way he always help d poor is something to write home about. Becoming poor to make poor people rich. U’re my role model, i wish other nigerians who are highly influential ( pastors, imams, politicians and riches) can humble themselves and emulate this man. God Almighty will continue to elevate u in Jesus name. Amen

  15. T. B. Joshaua has no equal. He gives answers that none of his adversaries can gainsay or resist. This man behaves like Jesus. What proof do you need? We can see that this man is sent from God. Many great men of God have endorsed him. They have seen that he is not fake as some have claimed and may God forgive them. They hate him without a cause. They call him different kind of names but he remains focus doing the great work God has committed into his hand. A prophet of prophets, a prophet that will not strive with others, the greatest prophet so far. Keep on the good work. I love you and i know your rewards are great in heaven!

  16. All I have to say, is God is awesome and perfect, hence His servants who represent Him, he also makes perfect. Prophet TB Joshua, is one of a kind, make no mistakes about the reality of his relationship with God. I love him, believes him, and would continue to be a member/partner of SCOAN as long as The Lord lives. It doesn’t interest me anymore about baseless and stupid criticisms, TB Joshua is a servant of God, but not a servant of man.
    Those other overseers who rather than serve God at the measure they received, that is if at all they were called, have devoted themselves towards discrediting a devoted servant of The Most High God. And all of them are being exposed one after the other.
    May The Love and Strength of God never depart from TB Joshua, in Jesus Name.

  17. I beg God to forgive me because I used to have negative feelings about my prophet. But I thank God to opening my eyes to the truths about you. I stand to believe now what God shows me in my revelation than the rumors and speculations people carry around against others. I am shocked to realised that my Prophet is married and even had a child who has grown up to that level of secular world. I’ve learn now to shut my mouth to what I really don’t have full knowledge about. I pray God to strengthened you more and more, may his(God) annointing/vision/zeal continue to abide in you. Keep on preaching the good tidings of God and also putting smiles to the needy in Jesus Name Amen.

  18. Prophet, I believe you so much. Only television i touched 2009 brought me breakthrough at last minute. I have visited Synagogue of all nation many times, sometimes i was inside the auditorium, sometimes i was at the canopy but i am always satisfied and i have witnessed a touch from the prophet and all the wise men. He Prophet touched me and returned and touched me again and that was late night at the church where all the congregations are and asked everyone to go that no evil or armed robber will attack them and that same night i returned to Ghana with Anointing water in my pocket and things were working accordingly. I was busy in car i joined at mile2 without knowing people in car and was taken to the border and to Ghana safely. To God Be The Glory. Prophet you are blessed.

  19. Prophet TB Joshua is indeed a true man of God and I pray for you today sir that no weapon fashion against you shall prosper….hmmm! I believe everything that comes out from you sir…sir may God continue to renew your strength sir…up SCOAN…up TB Joshua.

  20. No body has made us mortals to judge anybody. Judgment belongs to God Almighty, He is Jehovah YAHW. Every one shall give account of his words, deeds and actions, whether good or bad before the Lord. We are admonished to test all spirit to know if a man of God is genuine or not, and you can only do that if only you are having the spirit of God. There is so much confusion in the church today because “Christian’s” refuse to seek the face of God for themselves, that God will give discerning spirit. By which they easily discern who is or is not the one sent by God. If at the end you later find out TB Joshua is in heaven what will you do? You cannot change anything. I admonished you to continue your race to heaven and do what the bible says you should do, for it is a personal thing. Remain bless all readers

  21. Nigerians appears to love evil more than good. I am one big follower of TB Joshua and can go to any lenght defending my believes in him as a prophet of God. I have worshiped in his church for couple of times, and can attest to the goodness and works of God in his church. If for no other thing, one should know that millions of people are depended on the church to keep themselve going and surviving in this hardship striking world. I do worship in another church but from my location in the South South of Nigeria had kept visiting the church for break through But had never the opportunity to see him. I think he should make it more easy for us to be able to be fixed on deliverance line. It had been on disqualification or the other for me but I will never give up on him.

  22. I so love Tb Joshua he is real man of God, I attended his church and I always watch Emmanuel tv he is doing the work of God by helping the needy

  23. I love what God Almighty is doing true Him in Jesus name. Muslims people call Him a true man of God, Our late formal President Yaradual cal him and gave him award, Arewa Youth Forum came all the way from their 18 State from Nigeria to his church and gives Him award other president came and testified about what Our Lord Jesus Christ is doing true his life to the other people all over the world. Other prophets from other countries came and testified about Him. TB JOSHUA Also saw some who came for his problems to worship in SCOAN Which is not politicians and gave them prophecies dat, I saw became a president and d prophecy came to passed. TB JOSHUA Is a real man of God sent by Our Jesus Christ.

  24. I just love this man. Simple, plain, straight to the points & not playing to the gallery. God lives in him.

  25. I am not a member of his church, but he is simply a. Humble and good servant of God with love for the poor.. Any other thing people say na dem sabi I don’t care as long as you are my kind of person who love the poor

  26. God bless you my prophet. no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. You’re a real man of God because you show love even unto your enemies. May God almighty continue to shield you from enemies and bless you the more in Jesus name…amen


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