There Is Room For Relationship; There Is Room For Marriage But… K. Solo

Ace producer, Solomon Oyeniyi, popularly known as K.Solo is one of the respected music producers in the country, with the contribution of his dexterity to countless of monster hits from notable acts such as King Sunny Ade, Muma Gee, Sunny Nneji, Timaya, Klever Jay to mention but a few.

ksoloIn this interview with Vanguard newspaper, he x-rays his life, the music industry in the year 2013 among others.

Music and My life

Music is a passion for me. It is my life but if music and entertainment is taking out of my life, I will live and I will live large, talking in term of finance.

Music is something I love to do and when it started bringing money to my account; I studied, went further in it because I wanted to be an authority in it.

K.Solo and Year 2013

The year 2013 was a nice year for me, it helped me to repackage. In the whole of the entire K.Solo career, it is a year I will never forget because it started on a sad note but it is ending happily. It was a year so many people thought the end has come to my career but I became stronger. In the heat of the storm, I learnt new things and it also helps me to determine the strength of my fan base, especially outside the country. I don’t pray it come that bad but if I can go through that storm and I am still strong, it is cool and God is on my side. Although, the storm crumbled part of the K.Solo’s empire but I am grateful to God for the chance to rebuild.

K.Solo and Relationship

Relationship is the same way for everybody. We all see it the same way but the way it has trained us, we react to it. The same way Don Jazzy sees relationship, I also see it. Gone are the days that we announce our relationship to the world, no more of that; it is a personal life. Life has trained all of us differently; I am talking the way life has taught me. There is room for love, there is room for sex, there is room for marriage, there is room for everything but things are done accordingly and the way God wants it.

Music Industry in the year 2013

Music industry in Nigeria is growing very well, especially music production with young boys coming up. But I believe they still need to learn from some established producers like Don Jazzy, OJB et al because some of these new producers cannot even play any major instruments and these are the things that stand you out and make your production of an international standard. It makes music scorers to rate you high as well. I will advise them to enroll for training and thank God, Muson centre is there and within six months, they become a graduate. Music is a big business now and only the best will stand out in it.

Biggest Act in the year 2013

It is an easy pick for me; Wizkid is the act that has done so well this year. He was a boy that came from the grass from the days of sleeping in the studio with OJB before he was handpicked by Banky W who upgraded his music sense; he was flexible enough to learn. He is a boy that is growing by the day; check out his music early this year and what he is doing now, there is a lot of maturity in it. In his category, he is the best.

Advice to Entertainers

I will advise everybody to be good. This world will be a better place for all of us if we are good to one another. If you are good you will not stab somebody and you will not aim at destroying another person because the man called ‘Kama’ is the oldest man that ever liveth, he does not die; it comes back at anybody and whatever you do, you will reap. I make friend but when you betray me, I just see it that you have fallen prey to the devil.