“They Like to Cry”- Mourinho’s Response to Arsenal’s Whining Over Mikel Tackle and Walcott Penalty Appeal.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has given his take on the messy, gutsy tackles, which almost stole the beauty of Monday night’s stalemate at the Emirate stadium.

Arsene Wenger got increasingly frustrated when John Obi Mikel evaded the match official’s booking for a shocking first-half challenge on Mikel Arteta before Willian appeared to tread on the feet of Theo Walcott inside the penalty area; the latter prompted a penalty appeal from the Frenchman.

“It was 100% a penalty when Theo Walcott was fouled; in my mind there is no doubt. I don’t know why it was not given,” said Arsene Wenger after the match.

Mourinho branded Arsenal cry babies, while admitting such tackles- Mikel’s bruising clash with Arteta’s shin in particular- are trademark of Premier League exports, bent on keeping up with their outstanding reputations on the field of play.

Image: NBC Live. Mikel Catches Arteta's Shin After Missing the Ball.
Image: NBC Live. Mikel Catches Arteta’s Shin After Missing the Ball.

‘You know, they like to cry,’ said the Chelsea boss. ‘That’s tradition. But I prefer to say, and I was telling it to the fourth official, that English people — Frank Lampard, for example — would never provoke a situation like that. Players from other countries, especially some countries, have that in their blood.

‘If you have contact or the opponent was aggressive, let’s go, keep going, this is English football. Foreign players are bringing lots of good things. They come here because they are talented, but I prefer English blood in football.

Image: Sky Sports. Although Mikel Arrived Late, Both Players Went for the Ball- Graham Poll's Take on the Tackle.
Image: Sky Sports. Although Mikel Arrived Late, Both Players Went for the Ball- Graham Poll’s Take on the Tackle.

‘English blood in this situation is: “Come on, let’s go”. The (Mikel) tackle is a hard and aggressive one. Football is for men or for women with fantastic attitude.

‘It’s true, there are other sports without contact; fantastic sports which demand a lot from the players, and I respect those sports full of champions. But no contact.

‘Football is a game of contact. English football, winter, water on the pitch, sliding tackles at fantastic speed. Be proud. Play with pride. If you’re hurt, OK, you’re hurt.’

But Wenger, when asked about referee Mike Dean’s display and having seen Olivier Giroud and Aaron Ramsey exchange angry words after the Welshman kicked the ball out after Ramires picked up an injury, said: ‘Of course, I can understand that Mourinho thought he (the referee) had a good game. I don’t think he had a great game at all. I think it (Willian on Walcott) was a penalty. Honestly. If I’m wrong, I apologise. I’ve not seen it again, but it looked like a penalty.

‘I have to watch the (Mikel) challenge again. On the pitch it looked bad, but the referee was in a good position. It’s Christmas so let’s give everyone his own opinion. I’ll have mine.’

The match ended Goalless as Mourinho maintained his unbeaten run against Wenger and Liverpool claimed the top spot, going into a busy Christmas week.


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