Tips To Juice Away the Damages of Stress

timthumbEveryday life can be stressful. Each person handles their stress problems differently but for some stress can become overwhelming. That is when your body reacts and the end result is “you getting sick”!

Over the Holidays it seems stress levels rise even higher than normal. Everyone is trying to” do it all”; decorate, cook, buy gifts and deal with visiting family!!

Stress is the demon of our daily lives!

Stress increases our cholesterol level.

Stress reactions thicken our blood.

Try instead to decrease stress. Leave some time for yourself to rest. Ask for family help; you don’t have to do it all by yourself. The rest of the family is sitting watching TV or playing games! Let them help.

Blend up some juices to help bring stress down and calmly sit, drink, and relax. You will be surprised how much it will help!

Pantothenic acid ( a Vitamin B) is lost during stress, use broccoli and kale to replace it.

Vitamin C is lost during stress; you can replace it with Red Peppers, Collard greens and Berries.

During stress the minerals, Zinc, Potassium and Chromium are also lost. Drink fresh juices and/or eating fresh vegetables like carrot, parsley, ginger and greens of spinach or swiss chard can replace lost minerals.

Beta- carotene helps protect the body during stressful times. Cooking with holiday veggies like sweet potatoes, pumpkin and other yellow or orange squash can also help.

Garlic and ginger are sources of natural blood thinners to dilute the thick blood of stress.

Enjoy your life, enjoy your family time. Take a breather, relax and enjoy the music!!


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