Tonto Dikeh Under Attack Over Her “Housemaid”

Tonto Dikeh has been on the receiving end of renewed fans bashing after she posted the pic below and talking about the Christmas gift she received from her ‘housemaid’.


Evidently, fans were more than a little offended that the actress described her as “housemaid”. They were of the opinion that even if the lady helps in cleaning up her house, Tonto still needs to show her a little respect by calling her a house manager/help and not “maid”.

Check out their messages to her below;

tontohmaid2 tontohmaid3 tontohmaid5


  • You all shld take a break and use d brains in ur she called her a maid,so wat??househelp,housemaid,house manager,wats d difference..y’all be trippin for nothin nd hatin on d girl who is livin her life to d fullest..I bet some of u treat ur housemaids with disdain..get a life..

  • You better face your personal businesses and leave my sweet beautiful angel alone.Teachers,she has not employed you to redefine her words selection.Tonto is right.What happen in an office if your schedule of duty is that of a messenger,typist,clerical Assistant,officer,gardener or deputy Director/Director?I found no ambiguity here.Leave my Tonto alone.

  • Please leave my #POKO# alone.for chris sake since when has the word ‘manager’ been used as a synonym for ‘maid’.Please save ur criticism an check the dictionary for maid and manager.

  • Though,wah u said is very bad,its very bad to refer someone as maid,even if u pay her monthly dah doesn’t stil give anybody d right to cal anybody a maid,we all her are d same in d presence of almighty Allah.I really stil can’t get why som pple find fault in wah u do tonto,coz if its another celebrity dah does dis,its not going to be on air,buh ma dear u av to be careful,u can use d word house manager or house help not maid,its aint gewd at alll

  • Pls u guys should leave Polo alone cos she hasn’t done any tin wrong by using d word maid. The maid remains her servant cos she’s paying her for d job. If u think its easy to pay someone serving u den get one and her any name u wish. Polo calling her a maid doesn’t really mean she doesn’t regard her, but days d work she employed her for and d maid is not complaining. U guys shud just b ourselves and stop intruding. Amibos!!!

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