UNBELIEVABLE: Commercial Bus Driver Rapes Passenger From 7p.m To 10a.m

A commercial bus driver, identified as Emeka Ugwudiobi has been accused of raping one of his passengers from 7 p.m. to 10 a.m. at gun point in an uncompleted building around Mayor Market, Enugu.


According to the prosecution counsel, Mr Francis Ajagu, the driver plies the New Market-Gariki route and the victim was one of his passengers.

On that fateful day, the driver noticed only the victim was remaining in the bus and drove to  an uncompleted building beside the Mayor Market and started raping the victim.

Ajagu said the victim was raped from 7 p.m. to 10 a.m. without break and that the pleas of the victim to allow her rest fell on deaf ears. The victim was rescued by one Mr Chidubem Ezeorah, a passerby who ran into the scene and reported the case to the police.

He said that the victim could hardly  stand on her feet when the police came to her rescue in the  uncompleted building.

However, Mr Obeta Peter, the counsel to the accused, who described the accused as a responsible man with a wife and four children said Emeka had been driving for the past 16 years and that nobody had ever complained that he was a rapist.

He denied that his client had ever set eyes on the victim before, adding that there was no way a bus driver would carry a gun inside his bus and the police would not notice.

Justice Dorathy Agishi ordered the accused to be remanded in prison custody while adjourning the case to Feb. 26, 2014 for further hearing.


  1. This alleged difiler is extremely & exceptionally strong. Its unbelievable to ve gone on 4 d lenght of time he screwed nonstop. More so that he apparently did not prepare 4 it but decided to catch fun on an off chance. This must be under d influence of alomo or viagra.

  2. dis is wickedness hw could he hv raped a passanger 4rm 7p.m 2 dat time what a beast and he has a wife, y didn’t he go home 2 his wife? May God hv mercy, he shouldn’t be hanged but let him face d law. Dat lawyer standing as a witness should be very careful if nt he wil regret it hw did he knw dat d accused is nt a rapist? Dis country is so corrupt. Thanks 4 d rescuere God wil bless him aboundantly

  3. We should stop deceiving our self. If he really defile the lady as they said, this are my questions.
    1. Have you ever head of somebody that had s**x for complete 3hrs without stop? Not to talk of 15hrs.?

    2. Where did he parked his car that people in the neighbouring houses even the passer-by did not detect on time.

    3. can he hold a gun with one hand and be defiling her with the other hand?.
    My point is that if it is really true he really defiled her, i believe is not without her consent. It might be that they both agreed to the deal, as they are having their fun, the so called eye witness saw them and alerted the Police.

  4. Some pple can comment arrant nonsense if dey said be7&10 does iit mean it was nonstop?wat they simply meant was dat f lady was held hostage bw those hrs& it was also be those hrs day she was defiled for those asking how he held a gun in one hand as he was doing d gun,if u were in d lady’s shoe even & he keeps d gun by d side as he was working & in d nite would u have done anything? these r end times& everyone shld be watchful & prayerful& learn 4rm oders mistakes& not to argue every story u hear cos ds world is mysterious & some pple in it highly wicked&dangerous


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