URGENT MESSAGE FOR GOV. AMOSUN: Over 20,000 People Will Lose Home In Few Hours, Please, Help!

Today, we publish the message

I hereby urge the Governor of Ogun State, Ibikunle Amosun, to intervene in the ongoing surge at Onihale/Ilepa (Ifo/Abeokuta) interchange. Over 250 hectares of land have been claimed under the auspices of economical development without any form of compensation to the owners. Government officials showed up recently to mark our houses, hospital, school and town hall for demolition.

Please, kindly intervene as the community is undergoing an undefined threat. Over twenty thousand of people are going to be homeless. Please, your Excellency Gov. Ibunkunle Amosun, help us!

The people at the community have been given just 24 hours to move out, of which only a few hours are left. We hope that this information will be noticed, and appropriate measures taken!




  • Hmmmmn…as we can we have in this country bad government, because they now the unemployment,economy break down,poverty and many more and they now decided in rending people homeless and clueless…..what was the gov. Looking at while this people are building houses on this land and not letting them waste there effort and money for more than 6 years….But I know God will judge all the people that are inconveniencing others with their power…Amen

  • Gov.ibikunle amosun,I want to plead to you an all these people behave,please all want is your joy won’t turn into sadness….please help them out and God will continue to be with you and your family…Amen

  • Pls Gov Ibikunle Amousun, consider this people because most of them used their last resources to built those houses, sir, as you are doing like that the God Almighty shall continue to guide & lead you IJN. Sir the presence of God shall not depart from you & your family IJN

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