10 Romantic Actions Every Married Couple Must Indulge In

article-20131235010135436834000Marriage brings in a lot of drama, comedy and tragedy. However, before you experience a myriad of these flavours, why not catch the first trailer, with some fantasy elements? Well, every couple should get to taste the good aspects of getting married on their honeymoon. And, if you are still unsure about that ‘fantasy’ element, then here is your enlightenment chart. Take a look at the top ten things that you must try out as a couple, while on your honeymoon.

1. Watch sunrise together
It might sound clichéd and seem like boring and laid-back, but this could be fun. Try getting up while it is still dawn, to catch the first glimpse of the sunrise together. Seeing a sunrise together brings in a sense of new beginning and a fresh start for the newly-married couples.

2. Order food for each other
This is a good way of find out the intricate details about your partner’s culinary choices. Order your partner’s favourite breakfast or lunch. Especially those who have had an arranged marriage should try this, as it will help you to know about your partner’s taste in food and drinks.

3. Make room for fine dining
Get elaborate and classy. Order the elements of fine dining, like a bottle of an expensive wine or champagne, caviar or lobster or anything exotic. To make the evening even more romantic, play out beautiful tracks. The ambiance will definitely get you both in mood for some close dancing as well.

4. Do silly things
It is your honeymoon, so you need not be so serious and conscious about sex. Think about some interesting bedroom games. Have a tickle fight with your partner, chase each other around the room, etc. This will make you two more caual and comfortable around each other.

5. Forbidden love
You are away from your home, in arms of the one you love, so how about making the best of it? Try things that you can never do at home. Talk about each other’s fantasies and try them out. Just let your imagination run wild as no one would be knocking at your door!

6. Find some ‘me’ time
Marriage doesn’t mean that you two have to be together all the time. Simply being in each other’s company, while doing your own thing, also helps the couples to define their individual space in a relationship. So, indulge in that ‘me’ time, by doing something you love.

7. Relax together with couple’s spa
Honeymoon is all about relaxing. All that sightseeing can be compensated by relaxing in a good spa session. So, indulge in some relaxing body and mind therapy, by way of spa.

8. Capture the candid moments
It will be fun to capture your partner off-guard by clicking away some candid shots. Click your partner’s photograph when s/he is eating or sleeping or laughing at your jokes. These pictures will make memories that you will cherish forever.

9. Time to get adventurous
Indulge in some activity that will generate that adrenaline rush within you. If you have fear of heights get into bungee jumping or go for some deep sea scuba diving or snorkelling. You can also try some adventurous activities such as biking, trekking, river rafting, etc. (Especially for women) This will help you to see how supportive and caring your partner is.

10. Enjoy loads of sex
Although, a tad bit obvious, but yes this will break all sorts of barriers in your relationship. It will also make you cautious about each other’s comfort level. So, no matter how tired you are, do not forget to find time for some action in bed.