12 of the Dumbest Fights Couples Can Have About Nothing

TNMCoupleArgueHand-389x260“What is the dumbest fight you and your partner have had, that you can look back and laugh about now?” The responses were pure comedy!

12 of the Dumbest Fights Couples Have (that you can totally laugh about now)!

1 – “Ground turkey. Specifically, whether you need to label it before you put it in the freezer to avoid the “Is this ground turkey or ground beef?” conversation later. I still maintain that my way is the correct way. LOL” – T. J.

2 – “Who was right about being right.” – L.K.

3 – “When I was pregnant and I wanted Captain Crunch Peanut Butter cereal and he brought back the generic brand!! I was so upset! LOL”

4- “How the thermostat works. Common sense really, but he didn’t seem to think so.” – L.W.

5 – “While dating he failed to retrieve me from the laundry room after I was locked out at night in the rain. I sat down there wondering how long I’d have to sit before he’d figure out something was wrong. I eventually marched outside and around the block to the front soaking wet and after angrily buzzing in told him he obviously didn’t love me. He gets a kick out of bringing this story up now and I admit I laugh too!” – Q.A.

6 – “If peach soda is REALLY caffeine free.” – K.M.

7 – “Whether our son likes his milk warm where you can actually feel the warmth or the so called warmth that comes from popping it in the microwave for 10 seconds.” – K.K.

8 – “Choosing what restaurant to eat.” – R.R.

9 – “The time he brought home Polska Kielbasa instead of Smoked Sausage. They are NOT the same and it was on!” – S.T.

10 – “How to properly squeeze the tube of toothpaste.” D.J.

11 – “We bicker all the time about who is going to drive. We both drive for our jobs and so on the weekends it’s a constant debate on who’s turn it is to drive. I also hate when we go to bed but she leaves the TV or lights on in another room.” – T.S.

12 – “Using credit vs debit at the gas pump. Ridiculous.” – I.W.

Isn’t it crazy how the simplest of issues can turn into a huge fiasco? All jokes aside, always remember that it’s not what you fight about, but how you respond to conflict that matters.

For some quick tips, during times of conflict, make it a habit to:

Listen (actively and purposely) before you speak
Paraphrase what was said to make sure you have a clear understanding
Be mindful of your tone and volume
Validate the other person’s feelings and respect them
If you are wrong, apologize. If you are right, stay humble and graceful.



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