13-year-old Boy Commits Suicide In Ondo


Tragedy struck in Akure when a 13 year old primary five pupil, Awal Osisi committed suicide in Akure, Ondo state.

No one could say why the boy might have committed suicide, but the police in the state is said to be investigating the alleged death of the boy and has arrested his step mother who is now being detained.

The boy was said to have committed suicide in his parents’ house located at High School area of Akure. He was allegedly found in his parents’ room hanging by the door on Wednesday by using a belt to hang himself.

It was his step mother, Mrs Rukayat Osisi, who reportedly raised alarm at about 10.00am when she discovered Awal’s body dangling down the door.

Rukayat a petty trader. claimed that she found the body of Awal in the room having committed suicide.

The police suspects foul play, as investigators wondered why the step mother brought down the alleged dangling body of the boy before informing the police.

The woman was said to have gone to the ‘A’ Division at about 1.35 pm to report that her step-son was found dead in the room after killing himself.

Rukayat claimed she discovered the body of the boy in the room after he hanged himself with a belt tied to the handle of the door. She said she had to remove the corpse of the deceased and take it to the State specialist hospital in Akure before reporting the incident at the police station.

However, reports gathered from the community showed that Awal has always been a victim of victimisation, oppression and child abuse by his father and the step-mother since his mother divorced the father some years ago.