20-year-old Sodomy Convict Lashed 20 Strokes For Gay Act Done 7 Years Ago

A young man convicted of sodomy by an Islamic Shariah court in northern Nigeria has been whipped 20 times.

20-year-old Mubarak Ibrahim, an artisan, pleaded guilty to the gay crime carried out seven years ago.

He said he was tricked into the act by
the principal of the High School he was attending and has not since committed a homosexual act.

Mr Ibrahim was spared a sentence of death by stoning because the incident occurred many years ago and because he had shown “great remorse,” Judge Nuhu Mohammed said.

The lashes were given using an animal skin whip in the packed public court.

Mr Ibrahim was also ordered to pay a fine of 5,000 naira. It was however not clear if he was able to immediately pay the fee and go free.


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