2014 PROPHECIES: They Will Try To Kill Jonathan, Pray For Dame Patience – Prophet Warns

A prophet, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, in a new interview with Nigeria Tribune has listed out the prophecies he saw concerning Nigeria and our politicians.


Primate Babatunde is the founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos.


Many people only know you as a prophet but few know your background. When did you start developing the gift of prophecy?

I never intended to be a prophet. I just attended church and prayed while growing up. I was around 17 years old when I fell into a trance for 21 days.

It actually happened like this.  I was washing my mother’s clothes and the next day was to be my birthday. I was thinking that I had not really fasted. My father would always say that I should fast. But I didn’t like it.

So that day, when it was 12 noon, I told myself that I should go and eat but before I knew what was happening, I fell in a trance. That was all.

It was after that that I decided what church to attend. I joined the Christ Apostolic Church. When I got there, the woman in charge gave me the responsibility of leading prayer sessions.

After a while, I went to Aviation School in Zaria where I joined the Celestial Church of Christ. After that, I joined the Scripture Union.

After which I joined a gospel church.

It was after that that I joined the Cherubim and Seraphim church. Every church that I attended gave me one responsibility or the other to handle.

After the 21 days of being in a trance, what happened?

All I said were written and they all came to pass. So, many things happened.

In January every year, prophets come out with different but largely negative prophecies…

I will not take that. There is nothing negative about the warning of God.  The problem is usually the way that we take these prophecies. We are far away from the truth. It is the manner in which these prophecies are portrayed by the press. It is also the way that people react to these prophecies.

We take many things for granted in this country. We are too critical. We don’t fear God. Every country has its own prophets.

What do we expect this year and the nearest future?

This year, Jonathan will cajole Nigerians and some other politicians.

Some people will want to defect to APC. APC will goof. It will not make the presidency despite all the shakeups that will come up.

Jonathan will beg Obasanjo. There will be moves by PDP to reconcile. There will be negotiations on the office of the Vice-President, Chief of Staff, SGF, and in the process some people will ask Jonathan to step down.

Jonathan will then begin to struggle for a second term. Some of the governors who left PDP will return in the nearest future. Jonathan will be the last president that PDP will produce.

It will not be easy for the PDP.

Tukur will be relieved of his position. Northern leaders will not support Jonathan in 2015.

Tambuwal should not contest for the presidency. He will not win. He will be under pressure to leave PDP.  If he leaves the PDP, he will have a lot of issues. He will face a lot of crises. He must be careful.

Despite all its present problems, PDP will face a lot of challenges this year. PDP will win the presidency but they may lose some states.

Jonathan should consult God for a second term. If Jonathan eventually becomes Nigeria’s president for a second time, he should watch his health.  His second term will not be as peaceful as he expects.

We should pray for the First Lady.

I see chaos and political revolution. Nigeria cannot stay together for another 100 years. 

If Buhari is not given APC presidential ticket, he will neither be here nor there. He may threaten to pull out of the APC. Buhari is expecting that ticket.

Jonathan is the cause of all these problems because he did not listen to warnings. There will be an attempt on Jonathan’s life. He must be conscious of what he takes. His health needs prayers.

Jonathan’s presidential economic team will fail him. Some ministers will be eased out while new ones will come in.

Aviation and the oil and gas ministries will be probed by the House of Representatives. There will be more threats to remove them.

Nothing serious will come out of SEC.
The DG of SEC will face a probe panel. The House of Reps will probe the Finance Minister this year. Their jobs will be under threat this year. There will be troubles.

The excess crude oil account will cause problems. I see that Nigeria will borrow money. I don’t know when this will come up but Aba will be the China of Nigeria where Nigeria will produce vehicles, motorcycles and tricycles.

Exotic guns will be made in Nigeria. I am not saying it will happen in 2014 but it is part of the things that we should be expecting in the nearest future. It will be a pleasure if we can manage these crises and then I see a greater Nigeria.

In Lagos State, there will be clamour for a Christian governor.  If Lagos does not produce a Christian governorship candidate, APC will lose Lagos. I see an unknown man ruling Lagos in 2015.

If APC wants to retain Lagos in 2015, it must produce a Christian as a candidate. The person might have been in government.
I do not see Ikuforiji, Ashafa winning that seat. The direction is from Ikorodu area.

International politics
There will be crisis in Lebanon. I see crisis in Rwanda too. There will be bloodbath in Pakistan. I forsee trouble in South África, Angola.

Nollywood star
Let’s pray not to lose any Nollywood star. I see the passing away of a Nollywood star in Yoruba and English. ANTP will have crisis.

Nigeria’s economy will not be fantastic in 2014. The price of food items will go up. Some markets will be shut down in the Eastern part of the country and in the Southern part. Prices of garri, palm oil and flour will go up. Price of vegetable will go up.


  • All dis prophet na wa 4 una. They only prophecise disaster jst 2 make speedy recognition and to make all dis our ambitious politicians 2 splash cash 4 dem… May God save us ol.

  • mean is only negative ds soo call prophet always saw concerning ds beautiful country Nigeria as4 me I saw peace, abundantly ,;plenty of food bcause rain will quickly fall ds year,;I saw many politician turn to Christ, I saw our economy been boyant , I saw many job opportunity been created and I saw Jesus reign in heart of our politician lastly I saw d enemy of ds nation die or repent, and I saw peace been reign in d west , in south , in east in d north and in d middle belt of ds nation any prophet dat come after ds is not allow in Jesus name!!!!!


  • Sometimes I begin to wonder how poverty,selfishness have caused our so called MEN OF GOD to be running their mouths without control. Just imagine,IS IT ME OR MY FELLOW BROTHERS & SISTERS THAT DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE POLICE IN OUR STREETS THAT HAVE THE MIGHT TO KILL THE PRESIDENT OR THE PRESIDENT’S WIFE? These are people in charge of the whole battalions in this country, this is a presidents who with his presidential flight comes all the way from Abuja to attend a church in warri delta state in twinkle of minutes he has seen the CAN president WHILE I AM STILL STRUGGLING WITH TRAFFIC TO MY HOUSE TO MY HOUSE. Any way your kinds of prophet is the caricature type bcos the name of your church is not lettered.
    You made mentioned of probes, my dear, i now sees that you are not a citizen of this country, “CAN YOU PLEASE MENTION JUST ONE PROBE OR COMMITTEE THAT IS SUCCESSFUL IN THIS COUNTRY”?

  • Nigeria will not last for the next hundred years!!!! Who said d world would last that lond? PDP “MAY” loose some states, when did they say they are expecting to win all the states…. Is that possible????????????

  • i prophesier NIGERIA will witness greater grace and fruitfulness this year(2014) abundant jobs will be created in this sectors
    1.oil and Gas
    4.commerce and industry.
    5.business will blossom
    6.energy sector
    7.the people shall be lifted in faith in believing in the indivisibility of this great country (NIGERIA)
    8.there will be no political crisis.
    9.peace will reign in PDP
    10.NIGERIA will be GREAT.
    11.Enemies of NIGERIA will have a RETHINK and CHANGE.in the most precious NAME of JESUS CHRIST

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