2015: Cabal Using Amaechi To Create Impression N/Deltans Are Opposed To Jonathan’s Re-Election, Says Annkio Briggs

Annkio BriggsA renowned Public Affairs Analyst and spokesperson for Ijaw Republican Assembly, Ms. Annkio Briggs, yesterday in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital said that those who are against President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 presidential ambition are “selfish and greedy politicians, who have held Nigeria bound for decades”.

The Niger Delta rights activist, who made this known while speaking with reporters, said the reasons adduced by those opposing the president, have nothing to do with good governance and the welfare of Nigerians.

“The opposition to Jonathan is not new to us here. It started in 2009, when late President Yara’dua became ill and eventually died. The reason for opposition against Jonathan is not for any good, rather its being orchestrated by a cabal that is not happy that a Niger Delta son is president. These are people who held Nigeria hostage for years”, she said.

Ms Annkio added: “They have not even come up with a better idea on how to govern Nigeria. This same cabal planted the opposition in Rivers State, using Governor Amaechi as an instrument to create the impression that Rivers people and indeed the entire Niger Delta people are opposed to Jonathan’s 2015 presidential ambition. It is indeed a well-orchestrated plan against Niger Delta people. If their opposition against Jonathan is based on governance, we would know how to analyze it”.


  1. When would an average Nigerian be objective and learn to think straight? How would a right thinking person if not dubious and corrupt fail to see the true picture of the state of this nation? If everything is hidden, is Oduahgate not enough pointer?
    I am not in any political party, all I know is that Jonathan’s administration is a failure – no concern for the welfare of citizens, no commitment to national development, deterorating economy, aiding and abetting corruption, failure to fulfil election promises, to mention but few.
    Niger Delta origins should ask Jonathan to sit up and govern right instead of being sentimental and tribalistic, blind to see and read all the abnormalities, deaf to all the news and available informations?
    Tribal, religion or regional sentiment are not what a right thinking person should put forward as an excuse for either supporting, refusing or resisting Jonathan’s second bid. At 53 a child should be matured enough to think rightly. It shall be well with us.

    • Peter you are talking of Oduah millions because she is performing, you have no voice for Sanusi’s billions donated to the Universities in the north because he is of the northern oligarchy? I pity your empty brain that at your age you speak like a toddler. For Oduah there are airports to show for her achievement, but for Sanusi, what is there to show apart from insults? How will Jonathan’s government not be a failure when all you want is to be spoon fed, married for, raised children and train them, and you will sit on the web and fan yourself that you are a man. Go and context election like your mates. If you are that good how come throughout your school days you didn’t smell class prefect not to talk of school prefect.

  2. Mr. Peter I lack words to describe your type of entity, but my piece of advice to you is that if you don’t have something good to say you can shut up, and stop talking out of ignorance or sentiment. Whether you like president Goodluck or not mr. peter he wil still win 2015 election, so you can hug one transformer close to your house please.