3 Things You Should Always Tell Your Wife

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article-20141213340648846000When it comes to relationships a lot of us men could use some help in knowing how to make things better. We don’t always understand women (if ever for some) but we have to learn the things we can improve upon when we are in or want to be in a relationship, and especially a marriage. What they feel should be common sense to us, sometimes eludes our minds. So to try to help correct that issue I give you 3 things you should always tell your woman, and should help improve your relationship with her.

1. The Truth

I completely understand how difficult it can be to be completely honest with women. We feel many can’t handle the truth and sometimes the truth might get us a slashed tire or a verbal lashing. What we are failing to realize is that with every lie you tell your partner, you setup a bigger downfall later. Lies eventually come out, and when they do the trust level in your relationship takes a bigger hit. This can lead into other issues and the deterioration of your relationship.

Honesty may not always be what we want, but it is what we need.

We men have to learn that a lot of times it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Yes, some things are going to get negative backlash, regardless. But when the smoke clears, you won’t have compounded the issues with more lies. Honesty may not always be what we want, but it is what we need. For those of you thinking “well if I told her the truth then she may leave me.” My suggestion to you is to stop doing things you will feel the need to lie about to your partner. Take a more effective approach to addressing the issues and you won’t put yourself in that unwanted predicament.

2. She Is Beautiful

I don’t care if she just woke up looking like a train just hit her. You should always be able to look your woman in the eye and tell her how beautiful she is. What may seem like a simple gesture to you, can mean so much to your woman. It’s not necessarily just about the words spoken, but she wants to know you desire her and think highly of her. Trying to get some booty from her on a regular is cool (in regards to showing desire) but it isn’t going to speak to her heart like telling her and showing her how much she means to you and how beautiful she is.

Many of us men tend to overlook the simple things that hold a lot of meaning to a woman. Compliments can be very important. This doesn’t mean you have to say these things every single day, because it may start losing its impact (consult with your woman on that because this opinion can vary). Just make sure you make an effort to do it and be genuine with it. (Side Note: If you already have the habit of telling your woman how sexy she is that’s great. Just understand that is not the same thing as telling her she is beautiful. Many women may view “sexy” as something more sexual while “beautiful” speaks more to her as a person.)

3. Your Business

I already know what many are thinking. “Why the hell does she need to know all my business?”…”What happened to respecting people’s privacy?”…” She knows too damn much already” and so on. I get it, but this isn’t the way to think in a marriage. This is your wife, and it is important to let her into your world. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some space and do you (to a certain extent). It just means allowing her to be aware of things, opening up to her more, and sharing your life with her. This will only strengthen the bond of the relationship and that is a great thing. Choosing to exclude her will open the door to other issues. It gets a little harder to trust someone when you don’t know what is going on in their life. You run the risk of making her feel less valued and less loved. You also make it easier for people outside the relationship to have a negative impact on it. If you can’t let her in to your world then why did you get married?. You really have some things that you need to look at or work through if you are not embracing this principle.

I genuinely believe that doing these three things will absolutely improve your marriage and help keep it strong. Of course with #1 you may have a rough and unpleasant experience. If you can overcome that obstacle, then slowly but surely, things will improve as you continue with being honest. The goal is to move in a more positive direction and we men have plenty to work on to make sure this happens. Don’t read this article and then talk about what she is or isn’t doing. Just focus on what you can control which are your actions and your approach to the relationship. Set the tone and lead by example.


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