5 Bedroom Games to Turn On your Partner

article-20133738233130211000Giggle, banter, and romance are some of the things you would do when you are with your love, right? But, what would you do to multiply naughtiness with your beloved? The answer is pretty simple, play games in the bedroom that will spice up your married life. All the games listed below will surely find room in your naughty cosmos filled with love and will help break bedroom boredom.

1. Dice Game

On a sheet of paper pen down numbers 2 till 12 and against each, both you and your partner will have to write an intimate act that you want each other to do/perform.
Rule of the Game:
You can’t cheat. Whatever act corresponds the number will need to be performed. Write down what you fancy your partner doing and get going guys!

2. Dirty Dancing
Bedroom dancing is a different experience altogether, especially when you have only your partner as a spectator. Let your partner’s eye take on its journey. Let go off any hesitation and perform for him/her.
Rule of the Game:
In this game, anticipation will drive your partner crazy. Prepare a playlist of sensuous songs and synchronise your dance as per the lyrics. Even if you are not a good dancer, your partner will surely be head over heels because you are setting a perfect scene for the rest of the night.

3. Scrabble
This simple board game will help test your intent for bedroom fun in a naughty way.
Rule of the Game:
The rule of the game is that you will have to make words with only sexual undertones to them. For instance- hot, sausages, berries, blow, etc. This will test how much can you think in words and convey what you want to your partner. You could make words suggestive of your hidden fantasies too. This way you will lead your partner into doing things that you want him/her to do to you.

4. Taste and Tell
Time to test your partner’s taste buds.
Rule of the Game:
Blindfold your beloved and place different kinds of food on your body parts. You can make use of honey, chocolate syrup, pickle etc. from your kitchen cabinet and let some edible love overpower your partner. Ask your partner to locate a certain taste as he/she glides all over you doing it. You must give a sweet surprise each time he/she succeeds finding the right spot. Once they made it through the taste-test, switch roles and play all night long.

5. Strip Poker
As the name suggests, it will need you to strip before your partner, now that sounds naughty, isn’t it?
Rule of the Game:
Both of you will have to wear same number of clothes, other than that you can have your own set of rules. You can both ask each other some questions from your routine life, for each wrong answer your partner will have to remove a piece of clothing. This will heat up the game and make your partner crave even more.

Now that we have planted a few ideas in your head, you can get going and surprise your partner by being sexy and a sumptuous delight in the night!



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