5 Reasons Why Men Should Groom Their Privates

Men may spend hours thinking of what to do with the hair on their heads or on their faces, but tend to ignore their pubic hair.


In the modern Western culture men begin to groom their privates, when they are going to have sex. They mainly do this because ungroomed privates may be a complete turn off for ladies, many people consider hairy parts as unhygienic.

We have gathered 5 popular reasons WHY men may consider grooming their privates:

1. Make it look bigger.

Ungroomed pubic hair tends to hide your penis, which makes it appear smaller. Shaving away all the extra hair will make it appear at least an inch longer at the time of erection.

2. Make it clean.

Heat, sweat and bacteria form around the crotch and remain there for a long time if they get entangled in the pubic hair. Trimming or shaving it off will help keep that area clean and free from any unwanted infections.

3. Give it a healthier look.

A well groomed crotch looks healthy and clean. The cleanliness will ensure that you don’t have any infections or outbreaks and it will also keep your penis healthy. Besides, it will enable you to keep an eye on unwanted warts or rash.

4. Make it more attractive and inviting.

A clean well groomed penis appears more inviting to your partner. Pubic hair can be a complete turn off for most women. If you want her to go down on you, you need to groom your privates.

5. Get more sensitivity during sex.

The skin around the crotch is sensitive to touch. Shabby, ungroomed pubic hair restricts direct contact to this sensitive skin. Shaving or waxing it off will give your partner better access to this area, thereby making it a much more intense experience.

Source: Punch Nigeria