5 Scenarios When A Man’s Foolish Pride Isn’t Necessary

imagesconfusdPride can sometimes be the silent killer to a relationship! As men, we are taught that not knowing is a sign of weakness and knowing EVERYTHING will get us respected. Sometimes though, that same pride can turn into FOOLISH pride that causes more problems than solutions.

Here are 5 scenarios where, as a man, the pride just isn’t necessary!

1. If You Can’t Fix It, Just Admit It

She’s been waiting 1 month for you to fix the leaky fridge…..clunky sound coming from under the hood of the car….the short in the bathroom light….the (insert anything fitting here), and it still hasn’t been done. You’re still telling her “baby I got it,” but you know you don’t. You may not even know where to start. But instead of just saying so, your pride won’t let you admit it. So she asks again, and again, and again and now you think she is nagging, when all she really wants is for you to fix it or say you don’t know how to fix it so she can call somebody who does. Sometimes as men we have to know that we aren’t any less of a man if we can’t fix something, sometimes it’s just not in your man skill set and that’s ok! I doubt she is going to divorce you for not knowing how to fix the alternator. Furthermore, the last thing she needs is you guessing at it and leaving her stranded on the road later on!

2. If You Are Lost, Just GPS it!

So now you are on one of your great family vacations! The trip was only supposed to take five hours, but now y’all are eight hours in and all you keep hearing is “are we there yet?!” Well NO….you aren’t there because you took a wrong turn somewhere around that last bathroom break. But instead of looking up the directions, you decided that “you got this” and suddenly your name is Mapquest! Now the kids are restless, everyone has to pee again, and the wife is sucking her teeth because she knows you are lost and you won’t admit it. After you sneak and take a look at that GPS on the low, you exclaim, “I got it! See I told y’all I knew where I was going!” No you didn’t bro and if you would have drank some humble juice y’all wouldn’t have wasted hours driving around only goodness knows where. Next time just GPS it!

3. If You Are Sick, Visit the Doctor

I have a confession…I’ve been nursing the same back and hip injury for 2 years now and I know my wife is tired of having to rub my back anytime I’ve been somewhere and had to stand up for a long time. I can hear her now….”I thought you were going to get that checked out!” Well ok…I am, but you my friend have been stressed out and having anxiety attacks. You’ve been peeing more than normal so your prostate is probably enlarged but you’re scared of “the finger test.” Your blood pressure has been through the roof, you’re having blurry vision, and you’ve been getting this tingling running from your back down through your leg. Not to mention you have not wanted to be intimate in weeks because for some reason your equipment hasn’t been working quite right. But instead of taking a trip to the doctor, you’re walking around hurt, backed up, and with one good eye talking about “I’m good, I’ll be okay!” Excuse me sir, Mr. Head of Household, Mr. Man of The House just remember you can’t be a king if you aren’t healthy enough to run a castle! Not to mention your wife and children need you to be around because they love you and need you…now go make that appointment TODAY!

4. If You Are Hurting, Let It Out

Men are four times as likely to commit suicide than women. Men are also depressed at a higher rate than women. I have to believe that part of what contributes to that is the fact that, as men, we sometimes hold our emotions inside and allow them to fester on the inside until they become toxic. Instead of expressing our emotions about what’s bothering us and why, we view it as a sign of weakness and allow it to cause problems in our lives that manifest in our relationships. Stop allowing your hurt to control you and allowing your pride to stop you from seeking help. Your family will function best when they have a husband and father who is emotionally and mentally engaged and mentally healthy.

5. If You Are Struggling with the Kids, Ask For Help

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You and your wife aren’t in competition for who is the best parent or most liked by the kids. Y’all are a team trying to raise a family. But, there are some things that she may just be better at when it comes to the kids. She may cook better or she may relate better or nurture better, but if you would like to do some of those things better just ASK! Instead of allowing your pride to make you envious, allow the mission to be an awesome family take priority and do what you need to do to make it happen, and if that means asking for help so be it. You and your wife are on the same team, not opponents!

Don’t allow your foolish pride to stop you from reaching the ultimate goal. Whether that be fixing something, getting to the destination, getting healthy, or raising kids don’t let pride get in the way.



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