51-Yr-Old Woman Gang-raped, Robbed In New Delhi

A Danish woman has filed a police complaint saying she was gang-raped and robbed near a train station in the Indian capital of New Delhi on Tuesday night, authorities said.

The 51-year-old woman declined to undergo a medical checkup that is required to confirm sexual assault and has since left India, said Alok Kumar, deputy commissioner of New Delhi police.

“She didn’t have injuries that required medical attention,” he said.

In her complaint, the woman alleged that a “couple of people” had attacked her, Kumar said.

A number of people are being questioned, but no arrests have been made so far, police said.

Danish officials said they were aware of the case, but didn’t provide an immediate comment on the matter Wednesday.

Violent crimes against women have been in the spotlight in India since a 23-year-old woman was raped and beaten by several men on a bus in December 2012.

The victim later died in a Singapore hospital. The shocking attack provoked outrage across India, leading to calls for improved safety and treatment of women.

Last year, six men were sentenced to life in prison for the rape and robbery of a Swiss woman in central India.

The Swiss woman and her husband were on a cycling tour across India in March and had set up camp near a forest. A group of men from a local tribe assaulted them, beating the husband and raping the wife.

The couple decided to stay in India to pursue charges against the men.