6 Smart Steps to Get Her Back in Your Life

article-201412013080847288000If you have recently been through a breakup or divorce, then we are here to get you out and get you back with your sweetheart. We are sure that the last few months might have seemed miserable to you and your world would have gone upside down. Nothing would seem to work for you anymore, your colleagues start rolling eyes over your back and you seem helpless and find salvation in alcohol. But guys, this is definitely not the time for it, and obviously this is not the way to get her back. How about trying to get her back? How about making her realise that you were just the right person for her? Well, read on to know the answers.

1. Take some time off
Firstly, you need a break from her and she too needs time to analyse her emotions. And yes, all those bottles of beer must be cleaned out from your life and your overgrown beard has to be trimmed back. Take a sabbatical from work and go to any calm and relaxing place. This will help you lay off some of your excess emotional baggage. This will also help you to get a perspective on things before you make efforts to ‘win’ her heart again.

2. Make contact
After few months of being apart, it is time to make the move. Make the first contact. Calling her would bring up more emotions and mess up things, while texting is too amateur. Look for unconventional way to surprise her. Send her a handwritten letter to establish the first contact. In the letter, ask about her present life and throw in a casual suggestion about meeting at some place. Or, meet her casually at any place that she visits often. This will clearly be a nice surprise for her and will give you a small emotional edge. She will become inquisitive and curious and will definitely look forward to meet you.

3. Be calm and casual
Setting up the ground to meet is very tricky. Expensive dinner reservations will pull you off to be desperate while a movie will look cliché. Think different and be blatantly casual. Take her out to a place of her interest like an art gallery or a museum or take her to an old food alley where she used to eat chicken burgers during her college days. This will help you ace the meeting, and will keep her thinking while returning home. Remember not to get too emotional, needy, or desperate while talking to her. First meeting is not the time to bring up old wounds and issues.
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4. Keep on meeting her
Keep on arranging these casual meets more frequently. If she agrees to come then you can hold your hopes high. Try to be absolutely casual, yet prove to her that you have changed a lot since the split and have become more matured. This will help to keep her on the edge and will accelerate the patch up process.

5. The right move at the right time
After a few of the casual meet offs it is finally the time to hammer the nail. Wait for her birthday or any special occasion of her life, to meet her and make her realise how much you love her. If you are giving her a present, it should be apt and most perfect. Chocolates, flowers are for kids, jewellery or makeup kits worked some twenty years back. At this point, go completely out of the ordinary way. Maybe a photograph she long cherished but forgot or maybe a handloom box that you gave her on your first anniversary or maybe a pendant she used to love but was broken. Present her with something with which she has an old emotional string attached. It will make her completely emotionally vulnerable and would show her how much you care about her emotions. If you can nail this move perfectly, she will be running faster than Usain Bolt back to your arms.

6. Do the work
After all the patch-up hugs and kisses are over, let go off the ego and start afresh. Talk with each other about things which were to be mended long before. Make her understand that you are not the man she left. And yes, do not forget to propose to her once again, just like you did (or not) the very first time.

However tough it might seem, love will always find a way, no matter what adversities stray in each other’s ways. Just the right moments and the right ways will not only make her come back to you but also cement your relationship to a much stronger bond, a more perfect bond, and turn it into a journey more pleasant than it had been for all the years gone by.