Adults Only: Ladies, See How to Win ‘His Heart’ in The Bedroom

1 a woman 1aAs a lady, it’s easy to please your man and keep his eyes from other woman if you are good in bed…

1. Outside the room Being the best isn’t only about what you do in bed, but also what you do out of bed. For a steamy night, start by spicing things up outside the bedroom. When he’s at work, text him a naughty message that will drop a hint about what he should expect when he gets home or go out for a romantic dinner. If he’s had a long day, treat him to a sensual massage. The little s*xy things you do outside the bedroom count in a big way.
2. Get wet, go!
When we talk about s*x, wetter is better. Don’t be afraid to use lubricant to make things better in the bedroom. Lubricants enhance sensation and make things under the sheet more pleasurable. You could use some lube while giving him a hand job too. Trust us, he will love you for this.
3. Don’t be afraid to experiment…
 Being experimental and adventurous in bed is a trait most men look for in their women. You don’t have to force yourself to bring out the whips and costumes if you’re not into that kind of stuff but don’t say no to everything without even trying it. You could start with subtle stuff like blindfolds and massage oils. He will appreciate the effort and will have a hard time forgetting the s*xy night.
4. Get down and dirty It’s no secret that guys love it when their women go down on them. A lot of women frown upon the idea of a blow job. But if you want to be the best, you got to get down and dirty, girls. Try not to be mechanical about it and enjoy yourself when you go down on him. He will treasure you all his life.
5. Eye contact Make sure you make eye contact with your man next time you’re in bed with him. There’s something very intimate and sensual about making eye contact especially when you’re so close to someone. Don’t stare him out as that can be plain creepy. But soft glances here and there are cute. Also, looking him in the eye confirms that you’re confident about yourself, which can be a huge turn on.
6. Initiate It’s a huge turn on for a man, if a woman makes the first move. It makes him feel desired and loved and who could say no to that? If you want to be the ultimate sex goddess in bed, don’t wait for him to make the first move. Take matters in your own hands and give him the time of his life.
7. Take control Most women like playing coy in bed and allow their men to take control. But, to be the best in bed you have to take control of the situation once in a while. Tie him up and treat him to some amazing moves. He won’t forget the night for a long time.
8. Dirty talk The thing about talking dirty is that it can either be very s*xy or a turn off. You have to do this tactfully to not sound crass. You could read erotic novels to get the drift or practise by talking dirty to yourself during your alone time. If it sounds stupid to you, then keep practising till you feel good about it before using it on him. Dirty talking is a rare quality in women, so he is sure to cherish it.


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