[Advice Needed] I Want To Divorce My Husband, His Attitude Frustrates Me. Please Help!!!

$R0561C0Dear Tee,
I am a 37 year old woman and I am married. The problem I have with my husband is that he doesn’t see anything wrong in chewing kolanut and this has been a habit he would not let go. Also, he finds it hard not to wander about. I am tired of his lifestyle. I want to divorce him and start my life all over again. Please, advise me.

O. T.

Dear O.T,
I am sorry about what you are going through in your marriage. But then, divorce won’t make it any better. It is better to fix things than throw it away. There is something called ‘unconditional love’ and I think that is what you should give to your husband, give him all the care, love and attention. Don’t nag him, appreciate him and love him more. Then, you can always correct him in love. Don’t worry, he would be surprised at that kind of love and it wont be long before he gives up the attitude you do not like. Divorce is not an option, keep your home.
All the best,


  • Hello O.T. Divorce is not the best option,if you leave your hubby for another man now,what attitude or behaviour you think the other person will have? It might even b worse than his own habit you are complaining about. With prayer and correction in love he will change.

  • Divorce is nt d solution pray hard so dat he can stp is an habbit nd it can b corrected wat If d person u wnt to divorce him for is more worse

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