[Advice Needed] My Mom Does Not Like The Church He Attends, Please Help!

Dear tee,

I have this guy that I love very much and we plan to get married. He has told his family about me, I have gone to see them and they love me. But the issue I have is that my mum doesn’t really like the church he attends and he is also from a bad hometown as I heard. My man is a very good person and he understands me but how do I tell my mum about this church and hometown stuff? And what happens if she doesn’t like him. I am so confused, I really need advice, because I am tired of thinking alone
Please help!


Dear MC,
I really understand how you feel but then you should be at peace with yourself….you don’t have to get yourself all worked up…. This is because you already said that your man is a good person and that solves it all. Yes, your mom might not like the church he attends, but she would not want you to lose a good man. Don’t worry, you can tell your mom about it…. She might raise an eyebrow at first, but trust me, she would allow you when she sees he is a good man.

All the best,

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