[Advice Needed] My Parents Gave Me A Week To Give Him Consent To His Marriage Proposal. I Am Confused, Please Help!

Dear Tee,
There’s this guy from my hometown that has been disturbing me for over a year and now he is asking for my hand in marriage. His family has been pleading with mine, they even accuse my family for being responsible for the delay in accepting their son’s proposal which is not true. Because of this, my parents gave me only this week to make up my mind and give the guy a response, but I am afraid to say a yes because I don’t know if I will be able to live with him for the rest of my life with the reason that I don’t know much about him; we are so far from each other. I am just confused, please help.


Dear OY,
I think you should tell your parents that you and this man need to know each other well, before you give a response. Really, marriage is not something you can rush into; you shouldn’t get married without knowing somethings about your partner…. Yea, you can’t get to know everything about them before marriage, but then checking for compatibility and friendship with that person is primary. I advise you not to rush in with this man because of what other people think about. Be patient and get to know him before taking this big step towards marriage. If you are not satisfied with his person and you think you can’t live with him, please do not be afraid to say no.

Wish you well,

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