Amaechi Should Stop Blaming Me For Rivers Political Crisis… I’ve Better Things To Do, Says Wike

Amaechi vs WikeSupervising Minister of Education, Chief Nyesom Wike, has denied allegations that he influenced the Rivers State Police to abort a rally of the Save Rivers Movement (SRM) in Port Harcourt on Sunday, which resulted in the alleged shooting of the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Petroleum (Downstream), Senator Magnus Abe with rubber bullets.

Wike, who is locked in an intense political battle for the soul of the oil-rich state with the governor, Chibuike Amaechi, described the allegations as lame and urged the public to ignore those trying to soil his name.

He said: “I influenced the police? They were there when I influenced the police to disrupt them. Have they not done their rally before at the stadium and I didn’t use the police; did they not hold their rally at Eleme Local Government and I didn’t use the police. What’s my business with them? What kind of talk is that? If they don’t have anything to say, they should better go and sleep. What’s my business with it if police stopped their rally? That is if at all police stopped their rally. If something happened they’ll say it’s me. They should find something good to do please.

“I have not influenced anybody. What am I stopping them for? Of what purpose? I have nothing to do with all those their things. I’m just coming from Ahoada. I’m at the airport now to receive the wife of the president who is travelling to Bayelsa. People just say all sorts of rubbish”.

The minister, who enjoys the support of President Goodluck Jonathan and the First Lady, Dame Patience, advised the governor’s supporters to count him out of their travails and stop trivializing issues.

“Tell them to focus on what they are doing and stop trivializing issues if they don’t know what to do.  So if I stop them today, nobody will hold rallies again in Obio/Akpor? You should ask them what is their problem with the police. What is my business with it? I’m not interested in their rally because I know they don’t have anything to offer”, Wike said.


  1. Friends 2day , enemies 2moro. Birds of same feather. Innocent People getting worried for nothing and killing themselves. Sorry to say that. However , Ameachi started it ,relishing political ventetta on percieved opponents in his first tenure using the police and JTF to intimidate opponents calling them cultists without looking back as an emperor, now is the time of nemesis, reaping what he had sown. OBJ who calls Ameachi k- leg is now his good friend. What do rivers people think will come out of this romance ?. Magnus Abbe once said he will die for Ameachi 4geting power belongs to God. Ameachi’s cross- carpeting to APC is not in the interest of Rivers people but for his interest. Has Ameachi fixed the trans- kalabari road? If contract was awarded and the money embezzled, has he Ameachi brought the contractor to book and subsequently punished ? What is his bussiness with Soku oil well,? How does it affect him ? Is there any tangieable socio – economic development in Soku under his stewardship?. Is it only port harcourt that is in Rivers state? , one city state. Can’t development get to Ahoada , Degema, Bori and others. Bonny got its current status as a result of oil activities put in place by the federal government. Whatever a man soweth, that he/she must surely reap so said the word of God. Youths be wise , non of the politicians children are used to cause mayhem. They were either outside the country or in their comfort zones . Political killings does not do anything good to anybody. It may be your or brothers turn to rule 2moro.