Amaechi To Jonathan: Stop Pitching Christians Against Muslims

Amaechi-GEJGovernor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State on Thursday maintained that he, along with other G5 governors, who defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC, will not return to the Peoples Democratic Party.

Amaechi explained that their defection to the APC was not basically because of the former PDP Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, who recently threw in the towel, but as a result of President Goodluck Jonathan’s refusal to address issues of constitutionalism and accountability.

He stressed that the only way to address such issues was through Nigerians and not President Jonathan.

Amaechi, who is the chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum spoke on Thursday when Knights and Ladies of St. John International, Port Harcourt Grand Commandery paid him a solidarity visit in Government House.

He said, “The reason we broke away from PDP and joined the APC is not basically because of Bamanga Tukur. Bamanga Tukur is not the big issue.  There were issues we raised before the President and he has not addressed them.

“He (President Jonathan) said oh! I have removed Bamanga Tukur, so, you people can come; come to do what? There are other issues; there are issues of constitutionalism.

“There are issues of accountability, we raised them before Mr. President and those issues have not been addressed and we think that the only way to address them is through you Nigerians. The President is not our problem; we are our own problem”.

Assuring his visitors that the APC would restore sanity to the country’s polity, the governor urged Nigerians to vote out the PDP in the 2015 general elections.

Amaechi explained that the APC would not be a religious party, even as he lampooned those attempting to fan the embers of religious crisis in the country ahead of the next elections.

He added that leadership transcended religion and ethnicity, saying, “Don’t let anybody confuse you, they have been going from church to church, telling you it is Christians versus Muslims. No! The money they are stealing does not have Christian or Muslim emblem.

“So, it is not Christ versus Mohammed.  They are using that to hoodwink you to continue to siphon our resources.  Their wives are building houses all over, hotels all over and we are watching”.


  1. Ameachi no worry body go tell u very some, we noy want vise p, dos people wen u fill say dem dey ur back go run live u very soon, betrayer!

  2. I am poised to hate Amaechi with a passion. You will soon regret your actions for continually biting the finger that made you what you are today.President Jonathan is far mature than you. See how frustrated you are now,talking out of point when addressing a crowed or delegates.


  4. I just don’t understand dat Amaechi anymore. It shows how less busy he has recently become. Some1 shld tell him 2 stop d hate & insults. Nigerians r no fools and definitely know who d devil is btw him/his new party & GEJ. Casting aspersions on GEJ won’t make Nigerians love Amaechi. He shld pls grow up. At d moment, he’s just lost one great fan. “ME” Bcos am sick of his unruliness. Not d kinda role model any sane person wants.

  5. Ameachi thought we are fools. So full of himself and pretty soon he will bear the brunt of his outburst. Can a Governor insult OBJ while he President?. GEJ is surely the best president nigeria ever had.

  6. You are the most confuse govern.
    Don’t allow pride to bring you don sir govern,you are not the first govern rivers people have produce,and you are not the best.
    You better ask God to forgive you for what you have don to rives people.
    You will never see it has wrong now because,you’re in power.

    I always see you has the most confuse man.

  7. This man Amaechi is mentally retarded. He has lost it all I must confess. Using every avenue to insult The President won’t make you a saint cuz you are too selfish and does not have the concern of the Rivers man @heart! FOOLISH AMAECHI!

  8. Hmmmmmmmmm Mr Amaechi u r great disgrace to the office of governor. U r too lousy, disrespectful, opens ur mouth anyhow. Pls can u declare ur assets now to us to see whether u and ur wife is building houses and hotels. U r so disgusting and need home training and retraining. Gosh!

  9. Amaechi will not be able to live in nigeria after his tenure. The shame of d reality of jonathan as president again in 2015 WILL NOT LET HIM

  10. I don’t think this man barely does his duty as a governor of a state. Pls make una check Amaechi mental status oo. Because this him talk,talk don too much. Na so madness dey take start.Haba!!! GEJ be matured n never rival with this lunatic. God and we are by your side bro. Amachi and APC are dead on arrival. Chikena.

  11. Hmmmmm well every Deeds will be judge according to intection.Nigerian shd think deeply abt wat is happening in dis country.To start with,G5 govrn dat defected to APC wat plan do dey have,nearly All of dem ruled for good 8 yrs doing nothing for there state.remember dat it is desame PDP dat voted dem into dey all leave de party nd go for another party we shd bear it in our mind dat dere tenure have expired wat they re looking for is how to get voted into another wat River Govrn said,dat dey hv presented many issues b4 president nd he did not comply now is it dis time D so called G5 shd bite D finger dat feed fellow Nigerian APC pple had been accusing Dis G5 govrn b4.take kwara as an example Belgore which is APC candidate wrote many tins with present Govrn dat he not doing anytin wit allocation frm federal but now dat is joining Apc did hear anytin again. I believe Sm1 can change his or her name but not character at all.Let keep watching dis two parties till d end.I beleieve dat G5 nd oda deffected will have demselve to blame becos APC is not a party dat dey will find tins easy at all.May God help Nigeria frm all despirate politicians.remain bless

  12. I want to encourage everybody especially rivers people that there should be no overflow of emotions. Let us wait for his tenure to expire. I thank gej for the maturity over amaechi’s disrespet to gej and rivers people.

  13. Who are dose in APC, d same old folks dat has dealt with Nigerians, we are no fools, we are about 2 see a big change in our dear country, by 2015 ending, so many cabals will begin 2 run away frm Nigeria. GEJ is our calculative, Good hrted president. D worst dat can happen to a child is 2 hv a fool as a father, our dear governor dey fall our hands, pls Amechi stop using our money to fund northernans, u are indirectly funding boko haram. Stop cutting salaries in rivers state, pay d newly recruited teacher, instead of funding APC, dey will use u against ur broda n frnd GEJ n dump u. I still pray dat GEJ will win 2015, Amechi swallow ur pride, n reconcile with ur intelligent, gentle n meek broda GEJ. Stop deceiving urself. A stitch in tym saves 9


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