APC Threatening Nigeria’s Stability – Tonye Princewill


A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Rivers State, Prince Tonye Princewill berated the leadership of All Progressives Congress, APC for directing its members in the National Assembly to stall the passage of the 2014 budget, confirmation of Security Chiefs and screening of the newly nominated ministerial candidates, saying the party has no right to hold the nation to ransom.

Condemning what he described as an unpatriotic act and an attempt by the opposition to ‘Shut down the Country’, Princewill said, adding that “No man, woman or group of people has the right to threaten the stability of Nigeria. This is what this is”.

He recalled the incidence last year in the US when the Republicans tried to use their strength to hold the country to ransom.

“The repercussions of that move were obviously not in their favour, as the public came out in mass to reject the move. Citizens openly vowed never to vote for the party again, because of how immature their plans were”, he said.

Princewill predicted that the same will happen with APC, saying “Why is the National APC crying more than the bereaved?”

On calls for the redeployment of Police Commissioner, Mr. Joseph Mbu from Rivers State over his perceived antagonism towards the Rivers government, Princewill recalled that in the past, Governor Rotimi Amaechi used the police force to witch hunt, oppress and unlawfully harass the opposition.


  • With each passing day,APC keeps showing how desperate they are. A party that accepts the same politicians they’ve condemned in the past just to gain population and strength, criticize everything the presidency does without offering solutions,make inflammatory statements that can incite the citizens against the government and now,order their members to refuse the passage of the budget not minding the consequence on the general public,what good can they bring to Nigerians?I keep saying it that Nigerians are clamoring for a change in the way politics is played not a change in political parties,as far as I’m concerned,APC is just an old wine in a new bottle that will have the same intoxicating effects.Kudos to you sir,we need more people like you to tell the truth.

  • Thank God Almighty, per chance Nigerians may at last get rid of the PDP in 2015. Yes, we all want the ravaging PDP out of power and out of our lives.

    You do not need to talk to thousands of Nigerians to realize this fact; just meet a few people in the streets of any part of the country and the same narrative will inevitably keep coming back at you – Nigerians today want the PDP out of power even more than they had wanted the military out in 1999.

    The reason is simple; the PDP has wrecked the country in its 13 years in office even more than the military did in its 29 years in power – whether it is on our national unity, politics, economy, corruption, insecurity, infrastructure, crime, dishonesty in leadership, theft, looting of public funds, or any other aspect of our national life, the PDP has done worse than the military. So, Nigerians understandably want them out.

  • Nigeria is in darkness over 16 years, they keep talking about vision 2020, which we all know can never happen. Corruption everywhere, no light, no good roads, we need change. APC is the answer.

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