ASUP Strike Continues As Poly Lecturers And FG Meeting Ends In DEADLOCK

Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) are to continue the ongoing nationwide strike, as the Monday meeting between polytechnic lecturers and the Federal Government ended in a stalemate.

It will be recalled that the ASUP embarked on strike from April 29, July 17, 2013 in the first instance, and resumed the industrial action in early October, 2013. The lecturers demand better working conditions, infrastructure improvement, and ending the discrimination of polytechnic graduates, among other things.

The National Publicity Secretary of ASUP, Clement Chirman, confirmed the deadlock, adding that the Federal Government’s delegation was led to the Abuja meeting by the Minister of Labour, Chukwuemeka Wogu.


  • this is too obvious in an advanced country like this, we cannot continued like this.
    its will be so good if our government can resolve this issue before it bring more insult to our educational sector

  • if FG could resolved the issue of ASUU then they have to listen to ASUP except they don’t have value for ASUP.

  • people laugh at me when I say ASUP strike was and is still all about politics. but this is truly not fear. I was so ashamed by our Government.

  • Hmmm.that’s bad.what ll be the fact of our youth who re lazing about doing nothing because of this strike.FG remember that the youth re leader of tomorrow and this strike is causing more harm than is a big shame that it is not only bad the standard of education in Nigeria has fall but country like Nigeria donLt value education.FG do something.My co-student let join hands together and pray to God because we re doom and our dream is in danger.It is well.

  • If the people in the high places does not want our people to go to school then should tell us. Instead of say rubbish

  • Another season of rigmarole. Hope the FG will not spend the next 6 months, like the ASUU case, holding fruitless meetings which led us nowhere really, but ended up still doing what ASUU demanded initially, after keeping students at home for one whole semester. I will suggest both FG and ASUP go straight into negotiations and come up with an agreement within the shortest possible time so as not to disrupt the academic calendar.

  • FG, pls have mercy upon ASUP , § eradicate the discrimination between HND / BSC holder.Because people have turned polytechnic to secondary schools, and most of parent didn’t prefer their children to proceed their Tertiary institution into Polytechnic. WHY? Bcs of stigmatizing, if FG didn’t prefer “POLYTECHNIC” as an Institute, you had better cancel it. Bcs u are wasting our life § time with all this nolentity strike !

  • FG shud listen to ASUP jst as they did to ASUU 4 fairness, equity n transparency. Besids, Polytechnic Education provides easy Technological n Skillful empowerment to Nigerians n beyound. My prayer is dat dis strike shud b called off on or b4 13th Jan., 2014 to enable new students start their academic activities n equally nt to affect d academic calendar. Pls. Mr President tink of ur (our) nw and ur (our) tomorrow. Mayb 2015. Time of account n judgment. To my fellow Nigerian students, lex keep praying n watching! Tenx.

  • My Co students, it is only God that Can solve our country problems not only on education sector. So let join hands and pray, fast and hope on God for a divine turnaround in Nigeria.

  • Huh, new year new journey. It seems that, every upcoming youth should try save more cash after ssce, then he/she will further his/her education in a private sector.
    God we need a Good and capable leaders in this country.

  • Some of d so called universities graduates can’t even compete with sm polytechnic ones academically. So, y d discrimination. Its beta u cancel polytechnics, & convert dem all to universities.

  • It took FG six months to attend to issues btw it and ASUU, I pray polytechnic students wouldn’t have to wait that long.

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