BACK ON TOP: PDP Reclaims House Of Reps Majority

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday reclaimed its majority position in the House of Representatives following another defection of a member from Nassarawa state from the All Progressive Congress (APC).

pdp.jpgRep David Ombugadu, in a letter read by the Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, said he decided to dump his Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), under which he was elected for PDP, after consulting with his constituency.

With this latest defection, the PDP now has 174 members against the 172 of the APC which restored it back as the majority party in the House.

Tuesday’s defection of another member from Nassarawa state Rep Joseph Haruna Kigbo from APC to PDP tied the two parties on a short-lived equal numbers of 173.

Moments after the announcement by the Speaker, PDP members shouted “PDP!” in triumph, with some members accompanying the lawmaker to the PDP leaders in the House for introduction.

However, the APC lawmakers stood up, chanting “APC, Change!” which took the Speaker some minutes before he could restore order in the House.

Ombugadu’s defection brought the total number of cross-defections in the House to seven, with PDP benefiting with higher number of four members, all from APC, since the resumption of the House from the year-end break, two weeks ago.

So far, APC, who was the majority party before the break, only received two members from each of PDP and DPP since their resumption from the break.


  • It’s not as if i’m against Apc totally, but, from their inciting comments on the pages of news papers and inside the hallowed chamber, i don’t think Apc has good agenda for our country. Look at the way they insult Mr president and so on. With this trend, i forsee them reducing more in numbers and more disorganized as a party.

    Pdp for 2015.

  • PDP are now using the missing fund from NNPC, Fuel subsidy fund and so on to buy the APC members who are betrayal at the cost off 1million dollars equivent to 167million naira.

  • This is one of the highest level of betrayal of confidence, and it's quite unfortunate how inhumane people have become. I just wonder have many patients loose their lives as result of such assults. Eugene. says:

    Instead of APC strategizing to sale their party ideologies to Nigerians, they are busy looking for whose character they will assassinate. Stories and character deformations can not win you any elections because majority of Nigerians are now wiser than that. I advice APC, make you campaign more issue based for you to be a relevant opposition party in Nigeria.

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