Boy Needs Eye Surgery After Teacher Tells Classmates To SLAP Him 40 Times (+PHOTO)

A 12-year-old Chinese boy needs eye surgery after his teacher allegedly told his classmates to slap him in the face.

The boy, was reportedly struck around 40 times after he failed to do his homework. The teacher even apparently told the other pupils that the loudest slap would get a prize.

The boy, said: “After being slapped, the teacher then made me do push-ups and did not allow me to eat lunch.”

The school kid said later that night he realized he could not see properly with his left eye.

chinese_schoolboy_slapped chinese_schoolboy_slapped3

The teacher who ordered the slapping allegedly claimed that punishing the children helps them to progress in class.

The boy’s mother said the school had given the family 30,000 yuan (£3,000) in compensation, which they had already spent on the operation.

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